The Friend Guide

Oftentimes I’ll mention friends of mine in posts, and not by their common names. I like to give nicknames to my friends, and I’ll refer to them by their strange nickname for their privacy purposes. Here’s a general guide to help you remember who is who.

  • Watson: My naive, innocent, clumsy friend. She is the sort of normal one to my strangeness. The Watson to my Sherlock. She knows of this nickname.
  • Dinosaur: That weird hipster friend I have. He watches a lot of movies, is obsessed with the Hunger Games, and has this weird but hilarious sense of humor. He’s a strange one, but he’s really cool and lovable. Sometimes I’m half tempted to  call him Dinkleburg after the Fairly OddParents. But I like Dinosaur better.
  • Grapefruit: My debate friend. My former history teacher likes to think we’re going to get married. I disprove this frequently, and the nickname comes from my favorite quote from troyhasacamera on Youtube.
  • Slenderwoman: She’s my very tough and very awesome friend who doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s in band. She’s cool.
  • Avenger: Ginger Jordan #1. She’s really cool and awesome.
  • Pond: Doctor Who loving Ginger Jordan #2
  • Gremlin: My little sister
  • Mayari: If Watson helps me solve crimes, Mayari helps me commit them. She helps me run my other website.
  • Mother Russia: My BAMF Finnish friend. Do not call her Swedish. She’ll beat you with Lutefisk.
  • Mel: We’re hosting a Turkish exchange student! She’s awesome!
  • Shoelace: My friend who has a boyfriend with the same last name as me. No relation. Can get really tough. Likes Game of Thrones.
  • Obama: Another debate friend. May or may not become a politician later. Acts like Obama and Bill Clinton

This is an ever updating page. If you are not on this list and I talk to you a lot, I’ll probably add you at some point once I have a weird story to tell with you or something. I have a lot of friends, believe it or not, and there’s going to be a lot of nicknames.


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