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Reviews of a Bibliophile: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Published February 10, 2014 by Britt

Finding a cover that made me the least uncomfortable was a bit difficult here.

Thug Notes summaries are the best summaries.

Please read no further if you’re not in the mood to cringe. I’m disturbed.

Maybe it’s because I’m young. Maybe it’s because I knew from the beginning kind of what the subject matter of this book was. BUT WHAT DID I JUST READ?

I was originally drawn to this book because I love Russian literature and I’ve heard some hype about it. Not much, but some.

Apparently one of the main goals of this book was to make out Humbert Humbert, our narrator, to be a big shot, fancy, well read gentleman who just has issues like we all do. The goal was to make a reader sympathize with him, a very unreliable narrator, and make the reader unreliable. If you do sympathize with him, you’re an awful human being. And I’m going to dance around the subject a lot about this rather than flat out say what this book is about because I don’t want to set off any triggers, BUT THESE ARE NOT JUST PROBLEMS. THESE ARE JUST DISTURBING.

Maybe it’s because I’m closer to Lolita’s age group so I sympathized with her more (but still, she got problems too and I don’t like her much either), but I was not fooled by the elevated prose. I don’t sympathize with just about anybody. I hope this means I’m not an awful human being.

But I need a good brain bleach after reading this book. I was kind of uncomfortable from beginning to end. Time to go watch that commercial from the Super Bowl with the puppies and clydesdales.

Also, if you watched the Sochi opening ceremonies and watched the video with the Cyrillic alphabet, the Russians are proud of this guy??? I don’t even know. I mean if we consider Twilight good literature… I guess its only redeeming qualities are the little bit of intrigue to see how it all comes crashing down on him like you hope it will, or how it’s surprisingly well written. From a technical standpoint. And it had good imagery. Almost too good.


Going to go weep for humanity now.


Brittany decides to contemplate the universe.

Published January 25, 2013 by Britt

Before I start rambling, this is going to get weird and may go in strange places. I’m going to try and answer the ultimate question:

Why are we here?

So you should probably start off with “How did we get here?”

This is not from a religious standpoint. I’m not religious at all. I believe that we may have reincarnated multiple times over and our forms eventually evolved into us. Yes, I believe in reincarnation and evolution. Don’t hate me.

Is there a divine being though? I don’t think so. Mainly because if the divine being existed, there shouldn’t be any evil in the world. He should have protected us from the evil that is us.

But then again, what if we are the evil thing that the divine being didn’t care about? What if Earth is Hell, and our punishments are to go through body after body after body and experience terrible thing after terrible thing for eternity? But then what did we do that was so evil that we got sent to Earth?

Well we don’t know anymore.

We’ve been tortured so much that we’ve forgotten all that we did. So many bodies, so many memories, so many things, we’ve just forgotten the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Then where did we come from?

No, seriously. That’s why all of our thoughts of things that are alien look humanoid. The Grey Things, The Doctor, the LGMs from Toy Story, they all faintly resemble humans, don’t they? And therefore we are aliens. And that comet that allegedly killed the dinosaurs? It was the original us. All of the hooligans from wherever we came from, grumbling about our crappy punishment.

And we’re still suffering, and we’ll keep suffering until they decide to bring us all home.

As for the technological advancements and the animals and the formation of religion:

The formation of religion I believe was a combination of hope and a desire for a scapegoat for our suffering once we finally forgot it was all our fault, or we couldn’t face the fact it was our fault, or we were too proud to admit it was our fault. And then in this crappy world of suffering, we created our scapegoat and prayed it would clean up its messes.

The technology is from the fact that there are people trying to lessen or worsen our suffering, or are looking for an escape route. I can’t say I blame them, because they make our world look miraculous and cool.

The animals however, were always around Earth to begin with, and the originals just didn’t care that they were around and figured they’d kill us all somehow.

And those “good people”? They’re just trying to prove they’ve learned their lesson so that they can stop the suffering. Good on them.

Note: Most of all this I just now thought up. That’s what happens on a snow day. You can call BS all you want, you can be all “Seriously?” all you want, this is mainly weird thoughts. Thanks to my friend Christie for the ideas.

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