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Being A Woman Sucks.

Published May 26, 2014 by Britt

Listen well, all of you.

I’ve had this on my mind for a while, now allow me to explain to you a thing. Current events made me think of how much this society is a piece of crap.

A month ago, a girl was stabbed to death because she said no to a guy who asked to be her prom date.  A few days ago, six people were killed by a guy in California who had earlier posted this highly offensive video (I repeat, it is offensive. Even Youtube tried to warn me about it) that is the biggest clue to his motive: that girls weren’t attracted to him. Every day, women are killed, raped or beaten by men because women aren’t viewed as people, they’re viewed as property that men are ‘entitled to.’ Elliot Rodger believed he was entitled to sex and kisses from girls, and that caused him . He’s not alone in his thinking.

men suck 1

If you’re a woman and you’re not terrified for your future I’m incredibly jealous of your naivete. Women don’t even have equal pockets to men. Not that they have the same amount of cash to put in their pockets, because the Census Bureau reported in 2012 that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.

men suck 3


Media doesn’t help.

“But Frozen is the most feminist movie ever-”

SHUT UP. It’s a good movie. But it is not. Feminist. Other Disney princesses wanted something different, and the guy was extra. Anna wanted the man from the beginning and had some serious lack of consent for a lot of things. One quote about wanting chocolate or one quote about being gassy does not a feminist make. Marvel Comics is making far more headway in advocating for equal women by creating a very popular TV show that focuses on a woman with no superpowers, and a Black Widow movie is on the way. DC is still wondering if Wonder Woman would be watched. I would watch the heck out of a Wonder Woman movie. But still women are treated as ditzy and airheaded and comic relief. Or just there for the guy. They’re not strong, powerful, independent women. Movies are just as bad. There’s a cool thing called The Bechdel Test that’s actually incredibly simple to pass, but you’d be surprised at how many popular movies don’t.


Guys, let me tell you a thing. I’m sure there is a woman in your life, mother, sister, daughter, grandma, cousin, acquaintance, friend, girlfriend, wife, partner, that you find important. But not only is that woman a woman, or some relation to you, she is a PERSON. She has the same kind of genes that make her a person. She is just like you. Just because she has different genitals or a different hair length or bigger boobs than you does not make her less of a person. She is not an object. She is not a toy. She is not a plaything. She is not your property or anybody’s property. She is not only her nether regions or her boobs. She is not on her period when she tells you no. She is a person with emotions, feelings, a brain, a heart, lungs, stomach, everything.

men suck 5

I will have to teach my daughters to be afraid of men, because men are beasts. I will have to teach my daughters how to avoid being raped, buy them rape whistles, give them a fake wedding ring, teach them self defense. I will have to teach my daughters that the twig in the media is meant to please men and not to listen to them.

men suck 7

I will have to teach my sons not to rape. I will have to teach my sons that no freaking means no. I will have to teach my sons not to treat women as objects. I will have to teach my sons to be nice and that being nice doesn’t mean that they owe you anything because you’re supposed to be nice. I will have to teach my sons that she is a person.

men suck 2






If you don’t respect women, don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t come near me, don’t breathe near me, don’t breathe the same air as me, and quite frankly, don’t breathe at all. If you don’t respect women, you’re lowering the IQ of the world with every single breath you take. If you don’t respect women, you can go brush your teeth the with their menstrual blood while you remember who pushed you out of her womb and fed you.

Brittany attempted to censor bad words, okay Mom?

Brittany attempted to censor bad words, okay Mom?

I almost don’t want children. I don’t want to force someone into a society like this. And unless there are some serious changes that are drastically needed, I probably won’t. I hate that. I want them, but I don’t want to have to worry about the potential crimes of my children, or the potential crimes my children will be victims of when I’m not watching them.

But if I do decide to have children, I don’t care if they are gay, straight, boy, girl, purple, alien, mentally disabled, I will still love them. But if they rape or bully, we will have a problem. A serious, serious problem.

Dear reader, I’d like you to do something. Think about how you would react to your mother, sister, best friend, daughter, or any female related to you were a victim of sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence. Think about you being a victim of any of that. Try to imagine what it is like, how horrible it is. Go on Twitter and visit the #YesAllWomen. Now try to find a way to stop it.

R.I.P. to everyone who has died because of gender related violence, and those who died in the Santa Barbara rampage.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE


The Politics of Brittany.

Published January 6, 2014 by Britt

Political affiliation? Lana Del Rey.

Politics is a touchy subject for most people. In fact, Dad says it’s one of three things he never talks about on the phone with someone at work making small talk while he fixes computers (The other two are religion and sports.). I kind of have to get involved for debate. It’s mock Congress, for crying out loud. I have to. Now, I’m not going to cram it down your throat. But it’s probably about time I explain my stance on certain things for future reference. And I came up with these opinions on my own; I did my research on them came up with them by myself. None of this was me being raised this way, and my opinions don’t really reflect those of my family (At least, I don’t think so.).


I like to think of myself as an independent leaning to the left. This is for lots of reasons. One is demographic. I am a young, educated, female student and that’s a type of person that that side happens to appeal to.


I think both sides are huge pieces of crap. All they want is basically the opposite of what the other side wants, and they won’t cooperate to make things better. They won’t sit down and focus on the problems, and when they do they’re being essentially bribed by corporations to do their bidding. The won’t sit down and do what’s best for the people. Quite frankly, I don’t know if they even consider the people in making their decisions. It’s all about the money for them.

Allow me to give you an example. I went to an invitational and this very attractive guy printed out the entirety of Obamacare and intended to use it as evidence in his speech. Sounds like a good plan, right?


Say hello to my little friend.

He said the librarians got angry at him.

And guess what? Congress hasn’t read that whole thing. It’s over 1000 pages long. Maybe more. No one’s read that thing. That is unfair to America. I will admit, I prepared a speech on the same bill that he had prepared his speech on, but I at least watched a few videos to figure out how it works, or at least get the gist of it. I wouldn’t say the system is perfect (none are), but healthcare, according to the UN, is a basic human right, and this is at least a step in the direction towards universal healthcare.

I can’t be the only one who remembers the tragic shooting a little over a year ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Demands for gun control skyrocketed. Congress had a very good background check bill in hand. They dropped the ball. The bill died. Lots of people are to blame for that, Democrats and Republicans. Meanwhile, there’s Sen. Angus King and Sen. Bernie Sanders who are sitting and looking around hating everyone. You go Independents.

You want guns, NRA? Why not have marshmallow guns instead? Marshmallows are fluffy and delicious. And not deadly.

Basically, I think the American political system needs serious reform. It’s all nonsense. College Humor made a good parody of how Congress works right now in the form of an email chain. It makes me laugh.

I can’t wait for Congress to get the boot and have the new leaders of tomorrow like me  get involved in the political system and learn how to cooperate and do better things for America than the lazy Congress we have today.

The Manhunt

Published April 19, 2013 by Britt

So, ever since this morning I’ve been watching the news and following the manhunt for Dzokhar Tsarnaev in Boston, and I’ve been commenting on Twitter (See them in the sidebar at the bottom if you’re curious). It’s gotten me thinking about many things, and what on earth is going on, because face it, this is insane.

But before I really begin, I know I didn’t post anything along the lines of “RIP Victims” or anything like that. Primarily because I get really uncomfortable with that kind of thing. I don’t know these people, and I do feel bad, but still. It’s not like they’re going to hunt you down and say “TWEET REST IN PEACE NOW!” So yes, I do feel bad. But I’m more analyzing the present and the events that go on now, because maybe then the cops will bring them justice.

First and foremost, when I heard the news of the original bombing, and they proclaimed it a terror attack, I was pretty sure it was a domestic rather than foreign terrorist attack. I thought that it was too sloppy and not extravagant enough. After 9/11, we’ve all been desensitized to smaller attacks, and we all think “Oh, only three people? That’s not as bad.” A foreigner, or at least if it was Al-Qaeda, there would be more explosions and more dead people.

I was a combination of right and wrong. Hadn’t anticipated the Russian part.

Now, I’m livestreaming CNN right now, and they just showed a YouTube video of the dead suspect, and he’s just fooling around with a pen knife in the car. They said they thought he was the ringleader in this attack, which is making perfect sense in the scenario I’ve been creating in my head. The scenario, at least for this kid, is that the brother was abusive and was overall not a good guy towards him. And he got this idea and needed help. Who better to help you than your kid brother? So originally Dzokhar said no, then Tamarlan threatened him and the kid got scared and agreed. The rest is history, and now Dzokhar is hiding in a dark corner of a house and crying, scared out of his mind. The only reason I’m thinking this is because the kid is 19, and all the descriptions are saying he was a very good kid who volunteered, was a wrestler, etc. He wasn’t a loner like some of the evil people like James Holmes (Aurora) and the guy from Sandy Hook.

Now I’m not condoning what he did and saying “Oh, he’s just misunderstood!” This is all strictly hypothetical, and I’m not pitying him at all. I think that there’s a missing piece that we need him to fill in, and he’s not much use if he’s dead. The fact he could be dead makes things a lot harder, just like the guy from Sandy Hook and how we can’t put all the pieces together like a motive or something. And as a teenager myself, I think I would hide too. There are people saying he did something awful, and he’s afraid of people hurting him and afraid to go to jail.

I have family four blocks away from the scene in Watertown, and more in Northbridge. I have friends in Boston locked down. My mom has many friends up in Boston locked down as well. I hope the kid comes out of this alive, mainly because I want to see motives and an explosive trial. But I feel like he’s going to be dead when they find him. Because that’s what these people do.

Also, why do people watch reality TV when you can watch this? It’s pretty intense.

Social Networks

Published April 11, 2013 by Britt

Social networks have become a huge part of our lives now. Anything from a stupid rumor to a social revolution gets started there. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, they all have millions upon millions of users who happily post whatever they think they like and whatever crosses the teeny tiny brain of theirs.

And all I want to do is

Because SERIOUSLY. The things these people post are just getting on my nerves! I can’t take it anymore!

Well, Tumblr’s kind of the exception because I hang out in the cool part of Tumblr. Facebook I use to stay in any form of loop, and Twitter I use to follow people and get strange. If you’ve paid attention to the sidebar, my tweets get strange. When I’m famous one day, I know it’ll come in handy.

I use YouTube too, but YouTube is just for following, I rarely ever comment.

But sometimes I want to just hit people for being stupid, and all of those like pictures they post on Facebook are just so STUPID!!! The latest trend on Facebook, “X likes and I can Y” is just really dumb because you don’t know these people, and it’s just like those posts where they promise to donate a penny per like. You know it won’t happen.

And in response, I found one on Tumblr:

It made my former history teacher laugh, which is always good. (:

Instagram I have flat out banned from my networks because it is Twitter for people who can’t read. I feel so bad for the inventors though, because it’s used by people who think they’re being cute or funny and really it’s just stupid.

Twitter in the meantime… I’m not popular there, but I kind of think it’s fun. Mainly because I get very weird with Mother Russia and Mayari. You have no idea. I have 36 or so followers, but I use it mainly for following celebrities. No, not Lindsey Lohan. John Green, Misha Collins, those people. They’re entertaining.

Anyway, back to Facebook, and I may crossover into Instagram as well. Let’s start by saying most cyberbullying nowadays is done over Facebook. I wouldn’t call myself a victim or a cyberbully, but occasionally I see something so troll worthy I just can’t resist. I have most of the stupid people blocked anyway. I remember once that a guy in 8th grade made a like page called “VB Pooping” like it was some form of team. Guess what they did? That’s right! Post pictures of their poop! Poop! It’s disgusting, but some people you just have to let them make a fool of themselves.

Now I’m not saying Tumblr is perfect. It’s not. It’s like 4chan’s sister. All the fandom stuff is posted there, and I have more followers there than I do on Twitter and here combined (333 last I checked). Sometimes fandom wars start, sometimes the hipsters get scared (They post pictures of kissing, food, and hair. It’s like Instagram on that section) (For a good example of hipsters getting scared, please see the Mishapocalypse), and sometimes Anons get mean. It’s not perfect, but it’s got better people than Facebook.

Youtube… Let’s just not. We’ll call it all of them combined. Sometimes you’ll just know you wandered into the weird part of Youtube when you start seeing the Japanese music videos. We’ll call Youtube like Boxxy (Thanks, Youtubers React.).

Other than that, I crawl around on forums, roleplaying. I really don’t go very far. 4chan I avoid, and other than that I just sit in that corner.

The internet is strange guys. And some places just suck.

Music to my ears.

Published January 15, 2013 by Britt

So, let’s start off by saying that my taste in music is WEIRD. I like some songs, I hate others, I’m meh on a lot.

First let’s get all of the hate out of the way.

Music, Billboard Top 20 or whatever it is, most of it is a pretty bad influence, and it sucks because NO ONE SEEMS TO REALIZE THIS. No sensible adult is realizing that their children have been listening to music that talks about drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, just because they say it’s “catchy.”

Nicki Minaj for example. “You a stupid hoe.”

Who wants to be called an unintelligent farm tool in their music? I don’t!

After Googling some of her song titles, I found one called “I Endorse These Strippers”, and some I’m not allowed to post because I feel like being a PG blog. Repeated use of the N-word (which is one of the two cuss words I blatantly refuse to say, and I don’t understand why anyone thinks that is a term of endearment. I think they need to pick up a history textbook. Or click here. Ugh. I feel dirty just for putting that.), all of these sex terms, this is going into the minds of your children.

YOLO started through Drake. Justin Bieber talks about all of the swag he has (swag counts for nothing in my book), dubstep… I don’t even know, and the outfits in these music videos hardly cover anything. Everyone’s mind is being filled with the thinking that THIS IS OKAY. It really isn’t!!!

Basically, in the popular music industry:

Women sing about…

  • Drugs
  • Sex
  • Partying
  • Flirting with men
  • How much they hate their exes
  • How much they hate other girls

And men….

  • Drugs
  • Sex
  • Partying
  • Flirting with women
  • Missing their exes

And then there are a few good songs on the radio (EX. Little Talks by Monsters and Men), but they get so overplayed that you just want it to kind of go away. Don’t even get me started on how far the Gangnam Style thing has gone, though I do own a t-shirt as sort of a joke. I actually used to like it, but now… ugh.

Now, on to the good stuff!!!

I really like fun. The band, I mean, but I like the other kind too. And I also love Mumford and Sons, King Charles, The Hush Sound, Sondre Lerche, and Florence and the Machine. My Pandora Radio has way more, but I’m too lazy to go looking for all of those songs on YouTube.

If you were actually interested and clicked the songs, you’d see that they actually are pretty poetic. They don’t insult anyone, Mumford and Sons may curse, but it’s about himself. And honestly, I really like the beat to them. I like bouncy and dramatic songs. If that makes any form of sense. And Ivory Road is just really freaking great.

Anyway, I have a strange taste in music, and my views on society are similar to a grandmother’s. You rotten kids.

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