The (Un)importance of Individualism

Published March 10, 2014 by Britt

When you’re a happy little kid and you’re so incredibly naive, your parents, teachers, and family all tell you “Be yourself! People will accept you for who you are!” You believe them. Their voices are in the back of your mind saying “It’s okay! You’ll do great!”

And then reality slams into you in the form of growing up. And learning. Life’s not as sugar coated like they like to make out in elementary school. People aren’t as sugar coated and adorable as they are in elementary school.

I like to consider myself an individual. I try my hardest to tell the world that I am a gosh darn person (not a robot), I’m amazeballs, I can do anything, this is my world and you’re living in it, I’m better than you. I’m me. I’m proud to be me. I’m that girl who freshman year carried around a jar of dirt. I know somewhere, someone is still wondering why I did that.

Let me explain to you a thing. That jar is an accurate representation of how society deals with individualism. They hide it. They steal it. They make fun of it. They come up with nicknames for it. They act like terrible people about it. That gave me a glimpse into humanity.

I had a teacher tell me the other day “You’re probably one of the most intelligent people at this school, Brittany. But you have to conform some one day.”

If conforming means acting like a terrible, god awful bag of trash, I don’t want to conform. Not saying that the teacher’s a bag of trash; I actually really like him. I’m saying society is a bag of trash. I don’t want to be a bag of trash. Sometimes I feel like it, and I hate that feeling. But even if I am a sack of trash, here’s my message to society:

I’m better trash than you.

Society should be trying harder to encourage individuality. Parents should teach children to be more accepting and not act like little pieces of crap. School should not only be a place for book learning, it should be a place for learning how to deal with people. People who are different from you, and situations that are different from anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s meant to help you adapt and deal with people. Probably the biggest thing school has taught me is that conformity makes you into a brainless, mean, person.

But then again, individualism scares people away too. I get hurt sometimes because I think that I’m not included in the conversations. People don’t come to me for help with their life issues, even though I really do want to help. Friend, I love you, I want to make you feel better, don’t push me away. I hate that. I think of it and I want to curl up in a ball and cry for seven million years. It makes me not want to come to other people for help, because if they don’t trust me with their issues, why should I trust them with mine?

Yes, that sounds not fair. It’s just a sign that I seriously don’t have any idea of what to do with my life in the future, and I’m probably going to end up on welfare or in a cardboard box. Or at least as a starving artist surrounded by starving cats.

Ironically, I’m allergic to cats.

Things like this make me not want a future. I don’t know if I want to deal with people for the rest of my life, because people make me upset. I need to find an outlet for this. I need a place to be free.


3 comments on “The (Un)importance of Individualism

  • Usually I keep my mouth shut on what I feel is wrong with this planet and with society because nobody ever seems to listen or care. But this blog article basically points out what I would say is the single biggest problem with society and that is that people are so unwilling to accept or even treat cordially people who are different from them. Guess what world, we aren’t all going to fit into your cookie cutter molds. Everyone is their own person and it’s high time this species realizes that and accepts it.

    Much respect to you Brittany for never letting society beat you down and turn you into a sheep. Keep on being you and show the world the power of the individual.


  • you keep talking about how you wish people werent so mean, how you wish people were more accepting, yet here you are, calling EVERYONE trash and saying youre better than everyone. maybe “society” isnt the one who needs to learn how to be kind, but maybe you ARE. sure ive met my fair share of idiots, but ive met so many more wonderful people. you sit here and say “people make me upset” and maybe thats because you assume every single person is trash. society has problems, but i think the biggest problem is your personal outlook on life. it seems like yours is pretty negative. if you change that, youd be suprised to see what an amazing world we live in, filled with amazing, not-trashy people.


    • Here’s one I’d like to reply to. I never once said I was better than anyone else. I constantly view myself as sack of trash too. At least I realize I don’t need anymore trash in my life than what I already am. I don’t assume every single person is trash. I have several wonderful friends that are not. However, when you live through several negative experiences with people, experiences I know you witnessed because you knew me in middle school, you tend to get severe trust issues like I have. You tend to look for the dark side in people and wonder when they’re going to turn around and hurt you. And then there are those people who talk down to you and treat you like you’re not a person, like you need to be helped and talked simply to because you’re such a different person to the point where there must be something wrong with you, even though you’re perfectly fine. I pay attention to people, Noah, and I’m 98% sure you have not encountered the same issues that I have, and having been the butt of the negativity from other people in my life (like some of the “wonderful people” in your life… all I had to do was go through some of your pictures to find people who I can’t stand encountering anywhere in public anymore without fearing a panic attack), negativity has taken over my outlook on life. Now, there are always positive things happening (like I just saw that Yahoo! Screen picked up Community for a sixth season and boy am I happy about that) and I try to contribute to that as best as I can to know that at least SOMEONE is doing some good in the universe, but when you rarely ever see any gratification for that, it once again contributes to negativity. Seeing the negative people receive the attention and praise for supposedly “doing good” in the world when you work harder and with more dedication than they do is a discouragement. The world may be amazing to you, but there’s always the dark side that likes to show its face. How often can depend on the person. It sure likes to show itself to me.


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