Winter Break 2.0

Published January 30, 2014 by Britt
My city is not easily avenged.

My city is not easily avenged.

Welcome to my city, where snow happens and everything shuts down. Including school. I had a two day week last week, and a two day week this week since school is closed tomorrow.

This sounds really great, right?


I normally spend my snow days in my pajamas lounging and watching Netflix. That’s how I spent last week’s snow days. But now I’ve watched all the stuff I had wanted to watch (any recommendations on what to watch next…?) and now I’m waiting for something to do.

I have finished and started books. I have been on Tumblr so much. I watched the finale of American Horror Story: Coven (I approve of the new Supreme.). We made brownies, muffins, and snow cream, and then I tried Turkish coffee.

It’s like espresso. It’s that strong. I had to go out and run around in the snow for a while to the point where I couldn’t feel my fingers.


do you want to build a snowman?

I’m just so darn BORED. I miss my friends.


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