The Obligatory New Year Inspirational Post

Published December 31, 2013 by Britt

What would a blog be without one?

Every year is a mixture of ups and downs. If someone had an all good year, they’re lying to you.

That’s the way you should view every year. There will be good things, there will be bad things. You will love things, you will have lost other things. But that’s an important part of life. You can’t hope no bad things will happen to you, because you will be sorely disappointed. But you can hope as many good things happen to you as possible, and you can hope that in the end, your life will be a grand adventure. That’s what life is. A grand adventure.

No adventure is complete without good things and bad things. You can only hope to overcome the bad things so you can go and get to the good things. The good things mean more if there are bad things, and if you don’t want the good things enough, you’re just throwing yourself into a brick wall and falling over. You’re giving up.

So, all you can do for this moment is dream of having that grand adventure, and be hopeful that the good things are truly as great as they sound. You can’t hope that this year will be better than the next, because only you can make that happen. It’s your own adventure, so make something amazing out of it.

Because remember…

So, cheers to the grand adventure waiting for us in 2014. It will have its ups and downs. We will gain amazing new people, amazing new friends, and amazing new experiences. But we will also gain wisdom from the experiences that aren’t that amazing, and we’ll be stronger because of it.


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