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The Tragedy of Brittany: What I’ve Been Doing That Isn’t Blogging.

Published November 5, 2013 by Britt

Am I secretly turning into Hyperbole and a Half with strange content and infrequent posting? Maybe.

I guess I’m back for now. Before I disappear on a long hiatus again (watch it happen. Watch. It. Happen.), let me just tell you what I’ve been doing.

  • Reading

Yeah, I don’t know if you’ve looked at my One Year Book Challenge page, where I’ve been challenging myself to read as many books as I can in a year, but that deadline is coming up. I’ve gotten way more into reading recently in an attempt to cram last minute. I’ve done a somewhat decent job, but I don’t know how I can cram 10 books into 8 days unless I read two a night or something. After that deadline, I’m going to take a short break and restart it on January 1, 2014, with a few different rules. I’m only going to count books I own or read in school, which means no library books. The reason is I own over 200 books and a decent chunk of them I have yet to read. Mainly because I keep buying more. But whatever. I may also try to keep them in alphabetical order by author, but I probably won’t because I have books in the Ps and Rs and I’m impatient. What I also might do is include some friends and make it more of a competition. Maybe organize it into a Facebook group or something and use the same rules, except the people I do it with don’t have Facebook.

Also, I know I haven’t been posting reviews because I’m a dumb and I’ve been reading books faster than I can review them. I’m sorry. I may do a roundup post and do short reviews of the books I’ve read that weren’t reviewed. Although, by now there may be details I forget. I don’t know. I’ll try.

Speaking of Facebook…

  • Social Networking

Ugh, I have a problem. I’m a little bit of a social networking addict. I will contentedly scroll down Facebook and Tumblr for hours, and I will happily watch several Youtube videos. Today, while at Barnes and Noble, I reluctantly gave in and made myself an Instagram. It’s a case where “If I care about you, you will receive follow. Otherwise, you follow me.” Following people means following 8 people and letting the rest come to me. I already have two followers… both of whom I know. I know, my life has hit a new low.

  • Driving

Hehe… driving… Yeah, about that…

So there I was, driving home from the grocery store with Mom. It’s around 6pm at night, and I’m on a busy road that I have to take to get into my neighborhood. It’s a right turn to get in from the direction I’m going in. I slow down (not enough) and I take the turn (not wide enough) and all of a sudden I feel a huge jolt. I slam the brakes, put the car in park, and put the hazards on before I started crying and freaking out. Mom, being sane, got out of the car to look at the front wheel only to discover it was blown.

Mom calls Dad and makes him come get us. We transfer groceries to his car then Mom drives it home, leaving my dad and me to change the tires. This proves to be a challenge, since I lack upper body strength. It took me 5ever to get the donut out of the trunk, I had to have Dad at least start the lugnuts, and I had trouble getting the messed up tire back in the trunk. I at least know how to change a tire, I also know that I need a AAA membership.

  • Discussing politics… probably better than most politicians.

Happy Election Day, I get off from school because they use schools as polling locations so it’s probably not  a good idea to have adult strangers wandering around with elementary school children. It’s been a super tight race here in Virginia because both candidates suck. I’m just hoping for McCauliffe because Cuccinelli is an idiot. He came to my school once as a keynote speaker and he gave a speech about prostitution that put the principal to sleep. I also generally dislike conservative ideals because I think progress is far more important, and they’re kind of holding us back. Maybe I’ll do a post on that later.

But, on a more personal note, I’ve been working on debate things. I have an invitational coming up and I just took second place in a local tournament.

So shiny. It matches my “head b*tch in charge” red lipstick. That’s been my official title for Student Congress. The guy who took first is my “Co-head-vice-head b*tch in charge” and he has been accepting of it. He’s like a cross between Bill Clinton and Obama with a dash of Republican ideals. Mom wants me to date him. I don’t think it’s going to work out between us. Reason I have this title is because I’ve been handling the new people and teaching them the ropes.

At the local tournament, someone suggested that we take an oil rig in the Chesapeake Bay, paint it, and make it a tourist attraction. I couldn’t say anything because I was presiding officer, but what made it sweeter was the fact he was a bully to me in middle school so I got to wipe the floor with him. (: It was sweet revenge. Mom was judging, and she suggested that I compliment him and say he’s doing well. I did so. You know what his response was?

Not a “thank you.”

Not much of an acknowledgement.

But. A. SHRUG. Ugh. People sometimes.

I’ll probably post a thing from the invitational.

Other than that, there’s not much else. I’ve been sleeping because I’d rather nap than face any of my problems. Wearing my red lipstick and looking hot because I don’t go outside. Being civilly disobedient and going trick-or-treating to give our exchange student the full Halloween experience despite (stupid) city ordinances. Buying books.

Yup, that’s just about it.

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