It’s only Tuesday, and I’ve had a terrible week.

Published September 17, 2013 by Britt

Let it end, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeee???

Let’s start with Monday.

Monday I wake up early because Mom had to go to a meeting early and I wanted to say goodbye to her. I had a bad dream that night, and I slept terribly. But I still did it. She left at 4:10, I went to school. While perusing the internet and checking my roleplays, I discover overnight one of my major forums was hacked by Syrians spreading the word of the regime. Uggghhhh. I could rant about Syria right now. I’m not. I have links to my personal forum on that site, so I’ve been dealing with admins trying to beef up security and figure out what they do. They’re not even from Syria, says a guy on the big forum who ran an IP, they’re in Israel. If you’re spreading the word of the regime, go live in Syria. Idiot.

Then I go to theatre class and I receive a notification that says “Hey, a shooting happened in the Washington Navy Yard.”

Hey, guess where my mom was at this point???

That’s right, the meeting was at the very same shipyard. I was one of the first people to send a text trying to figure out if she was alright (Favorite daughter? Favorite daughter.). The meeting was cancelled, she never even made it on the base. Here’s the rundown she basically gave me:

The building that it had been in is one of many buildings cell phones aren’t allowed into. You have to lock them up. The shooter was in an atrium firing down. One of her coworkers (as were three or four more. All present and accounted for, yay.), one she was supposed to meet with, was in that building. She was on the phone with him when the gunshots started, and he hung up. Mom and her other coworker who drove her up started walking around trying to get into the base, but eventually police told her to go back and find somewhere safe. Somewhere safe meant a company office nearby. While she was hanging out there, she texted everyone who knew she’d be there. I wasn’t satisfied and relaxed until I got a text from her saying she was on her way home. No one endangers my mother and gets away with it. Nobody.

Mom ended up making it home alright, and I gave her a big hug when she got home. I’m glad she only got off with five blisters from walking around in red heels. Best mom ever.

Even weirder, the shooter was on the same contract as my dad. He’s actually been here on one of the bases, or so said my dad’s boss to him. So freaking weird. If Newtown felt close, this was closer.

Today, after all that stress, I was so, so, so, tired. I felt like crap, I spent most of the day wanting to go home. I also wanted caffeine. I had none this morning, and it showed. I overslept, had to dress up, had to sit through my harder classes, and go driving before getting my butt to a job interview for a car wash. I’ve wanted to punch so many people today because their voices drove me nuts. Two people at the interview kept asking questions that were completely irrelevant, another in my stat class won’t stop talking and saying things he thinks are funny but really are just stupid and irrelevant. I told him to shut up under my breath and he turns around and says “Whoa, this girl is violent.”

Let’s ask Merriam Webster what “violent” means.



Are any of those three definitions “whispering ‘shut up’ under your breath’? I didn’t think so. Now I’m half tempted to put myself into a coma in stat class so I don’t have to listen to him talk and breathe at the same time. He’s a waste of oxygen and the reason we don’t have the forever puppy. Science is wasting money on stupid people like him.

Also, I got yelled at by some random lady today for trying to get into an office building to see my mother in her office. She was in a meeting, so she couldn’t bring me in, so I tried asking nicely for her to let me in and see her, offered to show her the texts and everything, but she’s all “nope not our policy try again later.” I had to knock on one of her coworker’s windows to get her to let me in.

On the bright side, I had the president of a company make me coffee. Because I needed coffee. And a vacation.


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