Days of the Week: A Rundown of Why I’m Tired

Published September 13, 2013 by Britt

Okay, this is going to cover a lot of things that have happened the past few days. Bear with me, they aren’t quite that related. We’ll take it on a day-by-day basis.


Tuesday was the day for theatre auditions. The play we’re doing is Night of the Living Dead. Zombies. Yep, zombies. Spoiler alert: Everyone dies. I came to the auditions feeling excited but nervous. My first reading was of a doctor, and it didn’t go very well. I felt nervous and I don’t think my voice was loud enough. But we were allowed to do second readings, and based off of what I saw, I picked a scene and did the second reading of it.

We did zombie improvs next, which was interesting because we performed somewhat everyday tasks (At least stuff you know how to do, like play tennis) like a zombie would. That was really fun, despite me smacking myself in the face. Kind of a lot, to be honest.

Afterward was the second reading. I was Barbara, and I did the funny scene with her brother who trips and falls, bashes his head on a headstone, and dies. This one was way, way, way better, and I felt confident I’d get at least a part. Not necessarily a part I auditioned for (someone else auditioned and was 9001x better. She ended up getting it.), but a part.

I ended up not getting anything. Not even a lineless zombie. My friend that I auditioned with didn’t get anything either, but her boyfriend did. I’ll still try to help out with the show by doing work calls, since Avenger Jordan is directing it, but it still was disappointing. My friend (can’t think of an appropriate nickname for her… Oh! Shoelace!) and I are coping by saying we were too beautiful to die such horrible and graphic deaths. Hey, if it works, it works.


Get off the road, people! I’m taking Behind the Wheel! My teacher is a crazy lady in a mumu. It’s pretty funny. My partner is a guy I know, we don’t talk much but he’s pretty nice. He’s got a really loud laugh.  I really like the teacher, more than I had thought. She bought us cookies today because we’re the good kids. It’s surprising because we’re both very weird, can get very loud, but it’s pretty quiet when we’re driving.

But this teacher is incredibly hard to find. Every time I go looking for her in her closet/office, I don’t find her. I had to shove my form in the door to turn it into her. But I got it, and we were told to start Wednesday after school, every other A-day. That was a problem, because debate was that afternoon. I tried to reschedule it to Thursday instead, but she glared at me and said “When would you like your license?” so I quickly agreed.

Which meant I had to tell my debate coach. He wasn’t pleased, and insisted I bring him a note. So I brought him a note. Now I’m one of few that does what they’re told. I ended being back before the buses, so I got the information I needed later. I’m actually a halfway decent driver. Better than I could be.

I drove on a major road today, and I was pretty proud of myself since I didn’t crash. I still need to relax. It’s pretty great.


Extra, Extra! Journalism! I got my beat assignment for the back to school edition of the newspaper, which was to interview new teachers. Except there are 14 of them, including a guidance counselor. My partner and I agreed to cover seven each. In one day. I have no study block. I was supposed to meet with the counselor today (I actually went and talked to her this morning), but I never got pulled out of class for the interview. I got one covered today, my Oratory and Debate teacher. It was an interesting interview that I should have enough material for her, but I have no idea how to cover the last few, especially since the interviews are due Monday morning. Ugh.

Mel taught me Turkish swear words. I love it. I can say things and my parents won’t know. I also spent a crap ton of hours doing homework, including working on a project assigned on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Who does that?! And flash cards, no less?! 71 of them! SEVENTY. ONE. UGH.

Also, Dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, Dad.


Ugggghhhh it’s nine days into the school year and I need a vacation. I’m tired and want to die already. Wake me up when September ends. I’ve been neglecting my Tumblr, so my queues need to be restocked.

We went to my sister’s gymnastics class and the crazy HOA lady rescheduled her strange daughter’s gymnastics class to hang out with her only friend: my sister. Mom can’t stand the woman, and therefore she was incredibly irritated to see her there. Every Friday now. Poor Mom. We made jokes on our phones. One of our neighbors called her Grimace.

I went to Dave and Busters for Dad’s birthday and won a bunch of candy with Mel. Candy party tonight. Also, really good food. They had these yummy potato poppers that they put with spicy ketchup. Good stuff.  I also had behind the wheel today and now I’m super tired. I need sugar, especially since I’m babysitting tomorrow. Party hard.


P.S. I still have a ton of books to review… I’m behind on that. Sorry guys. ): It may be a stream of them coming within the next several days. I’ll probably make up some kind of queue for them. If I can figure out if WordPress can do that kind of thing.

Well, time to go repaint my finger nails then try writing some more blog posts and knock out some of these reviews. Party on, Wayne!


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