Back to School… ugh.

Published September 9, 2013 by Britt

Well, yes, I have been neglecting this blog. I apologize. The reason being the fact I had a crap ton of summer assignments to do. I hate summer assignments, but I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sounds they make as they go by (Douglas Adams, FYI). This summer, I had to do:

  • Five essays
  • Eight reading guides
  • Watch a documentary
  • Page of math
  • Three articles
  • Packet of math
  • Read/journal three books

I had procrastinated, well, most of it. I hated the last two or three weeks of summer given how I had to cram it all in. Most of it was incredibly tedious and made me want to stab myself in the face. Repeatedly.

Anyway, once I had it all done, it was suddenly the first day of school. No fun. I wore this great green sweater with arm cutouts, and red Chuck Taylor high tops a la David Tennant with a pair of jeans. Our schedule is weird and is broken into two different days, four classes a day. Combined with a modified schedule where lunch is stuck into third block for 30 minutes, school was extended as well.

A Day:

A1: AP English

A2: AP Environmental Science

A3: Financial Management

A4: AP Statistics

B Day

B1: Journalism

B2: Theatre

B3: AP United States History

B4: Oratory and Debate

First day I had my A day classes, generally good but Finance is so. dang. boring. It’s a graduation requirement now, a check-the-box class, and I hate check-the-box classes. They’re tedious. At least I have friends in that class so it isn’t as dreary as it could be. I also made a friend in my AP Environmental (APES) class. APES? More like AP Humor. And my English teacher is a Doctor Who fan, which makes me incredibly happy. I have more classes with Dinosaur this year, which is going to be fun so we can make strange looks at each other.

Second day was B day classes, and generally, those are cake. I’m excited for Oratory and Debate, which is good practice for debate. I also think I’m going to be auditioning for one of the school’s plays, directed by Avenger Jordan, Night of the Living Dead. I did a bit of Googling on it and I kind of want to be Karen, who basically becomes a zombie and eats her parents. Like a boss. I get to watch plays now as a requirement, which is going to be fun. APUSH is cake and I’m going to like this class. I’m a history buff, and Government got on my nerves because it was so dry. Journalism, however, is going to be amazing. We’re going to try to get a school newspaper started.

So, now that I’m back to school and doing homework, posts will probably be infrequent. BUT, here are some tips on surviving high school:

  • Join activities. It makes you more friends.
  • Make friends with the people on your school bus. They know where you live. They can TP or egg your house if they hate you.
  • Look presentable. At least brush your hair and put on some form of lip gloss in the morning (if you’re a girl. Or if you’re a guy and want to do that, I respect your life choices and you reach for the stars.). Don’t look like a bum.
  • Wear what you want. You don’t have to wear what’s “in” because what’s “in” is most likely garbage. My rule of thumb is “If you don’t know how to put it on, it isn’t for you.” Also, no handwashes or dry clean only because that is no fun to deal with.
  • Do your homework. Your grades seriously will suffer and it’s hard to get back on your feet after that. I know that’s cheesy, but trust me. It sucks if you don’t.
  • Learn the lingo/slang. I had to tell Mel (Turkish exchange student) not to say “turkey” (the meat) in Turkish because it’s “kush.” Yes, that kush. Also, I went into my sophomore year not knowing what the word “ratchet” meant and I looked like an idiot when I asked.
  • If you’re a junior, make it count. This is the year you have to get your act together and look amazing for college.
  • Don’t judge someone based off of their taste in music. Unless they’re some crazy Belieber/Directioner/Mahomie. Then you can judge them all you want.

That’s it for today, I think. Tomorrow is NotLD auditions, so I think I’ll let you know how that went afterward. And then Wednesday is the debate interest meetings, which is going to be great which means travel. Get ready for fun stuff! Happy school year or not!

How was your first day of school? Any wacky stories? Anything remotely interesting? Think you’ll enjoy your year? Tell me in the comments!


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