Guest Blog: Pond!

Published July 25, 2013 by Britt

Note from Brittany: Hi guys! Allow me to introduce Brittany’s Ramblings first ever guest blogger: Pond! Well, I call her Pond. It’s a Doctor Who reference. I know two ginger Jordans so it can get a teeny bit confusing when it comes to naming them in my phone. So I call this one Pond and the other Avenger. So, I’m giving her free reign, write whatever she wants. Her opinions, not necessarily mine. Beware: She’s a psychopath, not rude. She got me a voodoo doll and I love it. That should say something. Okay, enjoy!


Aloha, Bonjour, and *insert greeting of language of choice here*.  My name is Pond! So today we are going to talk about two things that are very important to me: The Tarpiean Rock and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The latter is untrue because I know virtually nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis besides the fact that it was, indeed, a crisis. The Tarpiean Rock has been near and dear to me for a few years now, every since I was introduced to it in  a very odd and beloved class. I was recently granted the rights to it as well, and can use it to throw off people and essentially get rid of all of my enemies. Unfortunately it is also in Italy so my  little rock is a bit out of the way. Sadface. But it does make for a good trip. Just don’t ever EVER get arrested in Italy. It isn’t pretty, I will promise you that.  Anyways, I am rambling, please forgive me. Or don’t. I really don’t mind.

Now I will tell you stories of a magical place that I call home, but Brittany may refer to it as the legal academy. I am in love with it. Most people are. Meh. It is a good place filled with brilliant minds and brilliant friends along with some not so brilliant classes that make me want to throw myself off of a bridge. I detest AP classes, and prefer the safety of Academy classes, though they aren’t as challenging and I can’t take them. Bah Humbug. But this is probably one of the only places in the world where they let fifteen year old kiddos dress up like they are thirty (Classy not trashy, dear) and travel up and down the East Coast doing strange things and pretending that we are lawyers. Which we probably will be if you give us a few years. It is literally a band of misfit genius thrown into a building together and told to have fun. My favorite trip was to Quantico and went inside the FBI Academy and met a lot of agents. We got to tour the facility and meet agents in training, scientists, and other semi-important people. It was cool to say the least. I mean how often do you get to go there? Whoo. Now recently, since it is summer and there is nothing for a teenager to do besides hanging out with her friends and dancing through America except write sitcoms. So I have started to write a comedy about Brittany and I living together at collage and eventually taking over the world. One step of the time. Alright time for me to go. So make wise choices, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and no Homicide. 🙂 


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