The Basic Summary of My Saturday

Published July 23, 2013 by Britt

Saturday I crashed and burned. I was so tired and hot and overall Bed Bath and Beyond done after I did an event. What event, you ask? Here, have a hint.

1070079_540802979288787_428999243_n  Yeah…. I went and did a Color Run. A Color Run is a 5k where they throw colored cornstarch at you. The goal is to get as colorful as you possibly can. By the time I left I was covered in pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple. They gave us sunglasses to cover our eyes with, but that didn’t do me much good since it went in my glasses and in my eye. It was just cornstarch, so it wasn’t lethal or anything, it just hurt like heck. Combined with the fact that my water bottle made my tongue bleed, I was a hot mess before we even started.

Now then, it was really really hot. We brought water bottles, and they were useful enough since they said that the wouldn’t hand out water in the middle of the race. There were some at the end, but not in it. This soon changed when two guys came in a golf cart with a cooler full of water bottles.

I saw some interesting sights during the race, including a man in one of those horse masks, only it was a unicorn. I loved it. I also saw a lot of people in tiaras and tutus. Including men.

After the race (which we walked) and many stops by my sister because she was tired, we had to walk another mile to get to the car. We were all exhausted, hungry, and sweaty. You know how I said it was cornstarch? The sweat mixed with the cornstarch and made weird little bits of ooblek on my face.

At least the money went to a good cause. We raised some for CHKD to help cure childhood cancer. Worth it? Maybe. Will I do it again? Probably not.

Look at my hair afterward. God.



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