Reviews with a Mug Brownie: Nevermore by James Patterson

Published July 17, 2013 by Britt

Summary: Maximum Ride and her faithful friends stand ready to face the two greatest threats that humankind has ever known–now combining forces in an unbeatable plot to destroy life as we know it once and for all. And this time, the enemy truly can’t be stopped. The danger mounts just as the boy genetically engineered to be her “perfect match”, Dylan, has finally worked his way into Max’s heart–and just as her beloved Fang unexpectedly returns to the flock. An explosive confrontation between the two boys with a claim to Max’s heart ensues, and the entire world hangs in the balance.

Ugh… I seem to remember liking Max Ride a lot more when I was younger. I had chanced on it at the library, and I’m really good at remembering plot and characters from previous books. This book was incredibly confusing, and focused too much on the love triangle. I didn’t like Dylan at all, I think he was a flat character, and it went every which way and seemed to use every single cliche plot device. Love triangle, “It was all a dream”, “apocalypse”, ugh. I really can’t go into much without spoilers and I’m not in the mood. It was overall a hot mess, and not a good conclusion to the series.

Also, how the heck does James Patterson release seemingly three or four books a year?

Two stars.


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