Blogging vs. Vlogging (And why I don’t vlog)

Published July 2, 2013 by Britt

I’m sure a lot of people in this world go on Youtube to watch SOMETHING. Cat videos, stop motion Barbie dolls, Cinnamon challenge, you name it, it’s there. A few of the more popular people on Youtube, however, are vloggers (DailyGrace, Jenna Marbles, Vlogbrothers). And I’m sure you’re gazing and drooling at the picture in my sidebar of my face (the flower not being a daily thing) and saying “Oh, I want to look at this face more. I want to hear the voice that matches that gorgeous face!” Not sure why though |D

Well, as much as I want to vlog, I don’t.

I’ve been tempted. But the camera I own is not the best for it, my video recording software on my laptop isn’t very good either, and I’m too broke to get decent software for it and and decent software for editing, plus my Dad is OCD when it comes to my computer and has to clear everything I install. He gets annoyed when I bug him too much to do it, and I get annoyed when he takes too long. Windows Movie Maker is absolute crap, guys. Get something else if you can afford it. Then it takes hours upon hours of editing and script-writing and things like that, and then awkward pauses if you’re too lazy to edit and script-write, and it’s too much. Too irritating, too angering, no me gusta.

Well, actually people do. I just don’t.

Now, here I am blogging instead of vlogging. Why? The software I use (WordPress, duh) is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. Also, the WordPress community is far nicer than the Youtube community. If I even get any comments at all. |D

There’s also a lack of necessity to do, well, any editing. I casually type up posts and assume they’re good enough to automatically publish. This blog is a hobby guys, not a moneymaker. Not yet. As much as I’d love it. I do like not having the ability to hear the awkward pauses I make while posting, especially since sometimes I’ll pause and check Twitter, Facebook, my roleplays, or Tumblr and that pause could last for a minute or an hour. Those would be long videos. You’d hate them.

Anyway, blogging is so much more fun to begin with, since you can use the power of the written word and my inner grammar nazi won’t act up nearly as badly. Plus, sometimes I read words in books and I use them properly, and I mispronounce them when I use them. This has happened numerous occasions, with words like hiatus, Yokosuka, and Anna Karenina (Which is a freaking WEIRD movie by the way). My mother and father make fun of me about this a lot. That and the fact I’m terrible at math.

Speaking of school, and I’m going completely off topic here and covering the topics of the next few posts! Woohoo! This week my mom has been taking time off work to spend time with us, and so we’ve done cool things like see Monsters U and the Air and Space Museum. We also had these delicious graham crackers dipped in chocolate from a chocolate shop. Good stuff. Next week I’m going on an adventure! I’m signed up for required job shadowing, and I’m going to the FBI training! I’ll tell you all about these things, and post a few reviews up because I am clearly behind on reviews.


That screencap was before I posted the Lost Symbol review, by the way. I’ll have more discussions and reviews coming up soon, scattered throughout stories and adventures!

One more thing. I set up a Facebook page for this blog! Here is the link and make sure to like and share, since I’ll post some nice things on occasion and let you all know I posted.

Also, since you all demand my face SO MUCH:



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