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Guest Blog: Pond!

Published July 25, 2013 by Britt

Note from Brittany: Hi guys! Allow me to introduce Brittany’s Ramblings first ever guest blogger: Pond! Well, I call her Pond. It’s a Doctor Who reference. I know two ginger Jordans so it can get a teeny bit confusing when it comes to naming them in my phone. So I call this one Pond and the other Avenger. So, I’m giving her free reign, write whatever she wants. Her opinions, not necessarily mine. Beware: She’s a psychopath, not rude. She got me a voodoo doll and I love it. That should say something. Okay, enjoy!


Aloha, Bonjour, and *insert greeting of language of choice here*.  My name is Pond! So today we are going to talk about two things that are very important to me: The Tarpiean Rock and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The latter is untrue because I know virtually nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis besides the fact that it was, indeed, a crisis. The Tarpiean Rock has been near and dear to me for a few years now, every since I was introduced to it in  a very odd and beloved class. I was recently granted the rights to it as well, and can use it to throw off people and essentially get rid of all of my enemies. Unfortunately it is also in Italy so my  little rock is a bit out of the way. Sadface. But it does make for a good trip. Just don’t ever EVER get arrested in Italy. It isn’t pretty, I will promise you that.  Anyways, I am rambling, please forgive me. Or don’t. I really don’t mind.

Now I will tell you stories of a magical place that I call home, but Brittany may refer to it as the legal academy. I am in love with it. Most people are. Meh. It is a good place filled with brilliant minds and brilliant friends along with some not so brilliant classes that make me want to throw myself off of a bridge. I detest AP classes, and prefer the safety of Academy classes, though they aren’t as challenging and I can’t take them. Bah Humbug. But this is probably one of the only places in the world where they let fifteen year old kiddos dress up like they are thirty (Classy not trashy, dear) and travel up and down the East Coast doing strange things and pretending that we are lawyers. Which we probably will be if you give us a few years. It is literally a band of misfit genius thrown into a building together and told to have fun. My favorite trip was to Quantico and went inside the FBI Academy and met a lot of agents. We got to tour the facility and meet agents in training, scientists, and other semi-important people. It was cool to say the least. I mean how often do you get to go there? Whoo. Now recently, since it is summer and there is nothing for a teenager to do besides hanging out with her friends and dancing through America except write sitcoms. So I have started to write a comedy about Brittany and I living together at collage and eventually taking over the world. One step of the time. Alright time for me to go. So make wise choices, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and no Homicide. 🙂 


The Basic Summary of My Saturday

Published July 23, 2013 by Britt

Saturday I crashed and burned. I was so tired and hot and overall Bed Bath and Beyond done after I did an event. What event, you ask? Here, have a hint.

1070079_540802979288787_428999243_n  Yeah…. I went and did a Color Run. A Color Run is a 5k where they throw colored cornstarch at you. The goal is to get as colorful as you possibly can. By the time I left I was covered in pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple. They gave us sunglasses to cover our eyes with, but that didn’t do me much good since it went in my glasses and in my eye. It was just cornstarch, so it wasn’t lethal or anything, it just hurt like heck. Combined with the fact that my water bottle made my tongue bleed, I was a hot mess before we even started.

Now then, it was really really hot. We brought water bottles, and they were useful enough since they said that the wouldn’t hand out water in the middle of the race. There were some at the end, but not in it. This soon changed when two guys came in a golf cart with a cooler full of water bottles.

I saw some interesting sights during the race, including a man in one of those horse masks, only it was a unicorn. I loved it. I also saw a lot of people in tiaras and tutus. Including men.

After the race (which we walked) and many stops by my sister because she was tired, we had to walk another mile to get to the car. We were all exhausted, hungry, and sweaty. You know how I said it was cornstarch? The sweat mixed with the cornstarch and made weird little bits of ooblek on my face.

At least the money went to a good cause. We raised some for CHKD to help cure childhood cancer. Worth it? Maybe. Will I do it again? Probably not.

Look at my hair afterward. God.


And now for some good news.

Published July 22, 2013 by Britt

Since I’ve already covered a topic filled with pretty much bad news, let’s look at some good news and be positive.



Unless you’re living under a rock, Prince William and Kate had their baby today, and it’s a bouncing baby boy.

Congratulations. Have some balloons from Oriental Trading.

Obviously this kid won’t be taking the throne anytime soon despite being third in line for it (Holy crap the queen is old, as cool as she is), and since Charles is the same age as my grandma and chances are he’ll last for just as long, then William may last that long, so the poor kid won’t be king until he’s 90. Start singing, kiddo. Now give me a name that I want to judge less than North West.

Also, Great Britain, you owe me a Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer. And the answer to how Sherlock survived. And an answer on who Mark Gatiss is playing in Game of Thrones.

On a more personal note…

I’ve gotten the standard “ermergerd royal baby” thing out to make sure I show you all I don’t live under a rock, now we’ll talk about me some more. Kind of me. More my family. But it’s personal.

A few weeks ago we got a letter in the mail asking us to be a host family for an exchange student. Being the only teenager in my family’s circle of friends, I automatically say “omg please mom?” She thinks it’s cool, so she goes looking into it and making sure it’s legitimate. It is, so Mom puts in an application. We get a call that evening saying that our application looks awesome and it’s more complete than some of the other host families (Mom’s OCD, but it doesn’t make sense why you WOULDN’T completely fill out the application. It’s kind of common sense, right?) and so we were basically waitlisted since we missed the deadline for applications.

That Wednesday we get a call saying that they had a girl for us. She is from Turkey, she’s Muslim, and she seems generally very normal. The pictures they included didn’t include headscarves, and they showed a family photo where one girl was wearing a strapless dress, another was wearing short shorts, like very normal people. My family is incredibly open minded when it comes to Islam, and we really don’t think that Islam is the root of all evil like some people like to make it out to be. (FYI, jihad has been warped by the media to mean “holy war.” It doesn’t. It means “defending your religion.” It’s like someone saying “God sucks” and you saying “No he doesn’t.” THAT IS IT.) We think that there are some crazy people in the world, and it doesn’t really matter what religion they are. Christians have done some crazy crap too. So, this was not a problem for us. She was originally placed with a single father, which we later learned through our Turkish research that that is a cultural no-no.

After an interview with a lady, we got a call while we were out to dinner for my grandma’s birthday saying that they liked us, and we were officially going to host her. We got an email from her today saying how excited she was to meet us. She’ll be here August 9th, and we can’t wait! Now we just have to research and email back and forth so we know as much as possible. Her English is actually very good and easy to understand. A couple mistakes, but nothing crazy.

So, I’ll blog about that. And I’ll be calling my book reviews “Reviews of a Bibliophile.” Since I don’t make mug brownies for my reviews anymore. Oh well.

Reviews with a Mug Brownie: Nevermore by James Patterson

Published July 17, 2013 by Britt

Summary: Maximum Ride and her faithful friends stand ready to face the two greatest threats that humankind has ever known–now combining forces in an unbeatable plot to destroy life as we know it once and for all. And this time, the enemy truly can’t be stopped. The danger mounts just as the boy genetically engineered to be her “perfect match”, Dylan, has finally worked his way into Max’s heart–and just as her beloved Fang unexpectedly returns to the flock. An explosive confrontation between the two boys with a claim to Max’s heart ensues, and the entire world hangs in the balance.

Ugh… I seem to remember liking Max Ride a lot more when I was younger. I had chanced on it at the library, and I’m really good at remembering plot and characters from previous books. This book was incredibly confusing, and focused too much on the love triangle. I didn’t like Dylan at all, I think he was a flat character, and it went every which way and seemed to use every single cliche plot device. Love triangle, “It was all a dream”, “apocalypse”, ugh. I really can’t go into much without spoilers and I’m not in the mood. It was overall a hot mess, and not a good conclusion to the series.

Also, how the heck does James Patterson release seemingly three or four books a year?

Two stars.


Published July 14, 2013 by Britt

This weekend hasn’t really been fun in the news, now has it? Verdict on George Zimmerman, and the death of Cory Monteith. I had been planning on putting up another review today to try and catch up on my reviews, but now I think I should cover this first and give my thoughts and opinions.

George Zimmerman Verdict

Last year the internet (Actually, Facebook) was in a frenzy surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin, who was walking home from a 7-11 with some Skittles and a drink through a neighborhood where he was spotted by an armed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who assumed he was up to no good and called 911, followed him, and got out of the car. A fight ensued, and Zimmerman shot and killed Martin and claimed Stand Your Ground and self-defense.

Stand Your Ground is a law that states that you can use force in self-defense if there is a reasonable belief that he or she is in danger. Florida’s version of the law is very confusing and therefore makes it difficult to prosecute offenders. While other states have differing versions of the law, Florida’s has undergone the most controversy.

Personally, I believe he should have been found guilty. However, given the fact there was no witness who saw the fight all the way through except for Martin and Zimmerman, there was too much doubt surrounding the case. In order to be found guilty of a crime, especially a crime like this, it must be beyond reasonable doubt. If there was, for example, video evidence in this that showed who was on top, that would be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But the night was dark and full of terrors (cookie for reference) and some of the neighbors couldn’t tell exactly who was on top of the fight and who was on the bottom, and the call to the girlfriend with the scream in it was hard to identify. Combined with Zimmerman’s lack of testimony (which I think was a sign he was hiding something), there was too much doubt surrounding the evidence and therefore reasonable doubt that led to his exoneration. Even if it was a 1% chance that he was innocent, it’s still reasonable doubt, and leads to his or her acquittal.

Now, it appears that the Martin family will take a similar route to the family of the victims in the OJ Simpson case and punish him in civil court, where the jury really has to say “Ehhhh… it kind of looks like he’s guilty, so…” and slap him with at least some form of damages which can be lowered based on percentage of fault in the case. If it was 25% Trayvon Martin’s fault, Zimmerman would still pay 75%  of damages. Whatever becomes of that case, Zimmerman still most likely has to go into hiding like Casey Anthony did.

In the end, does this case really affect U.S. law in any way, shape, or form? No. Does it really have anything to do with racism? Not really. Is most of the U.S. going to forget about this in a year or two? Probably.

I’m not letting my parents retire to Florida in the end though. Florida and Colorado. Too many legal issues, and from the looks of it, Texas is next on the list. Which will bring me to part 2 of my opinions…

Texas Abortion Law

A couple of weeks ago everyone was cheering for Senator Wendy Davis and her 11 hour, incredibly restricted filibuster that led to the supposed death of the bill. Then Governor Rick Perry made an extra session and passed it. While debates were opening up, people flocked in and they confiscated all pads and tampons from women. Why? To keep people from throwing them. What makes it really funny is that you’re allowed to bring in guns. I saw this somewhere and it made me laugh.

I see now it’s from a Liberal website, but come on. This is kind of ridiculous.

The thing with the whole abortion thing that really makes me unhappy is that it’s a bunch of men telling women what to do with their own bodies. I don’t personally want an abortion, but situations differ on a case by case basis and there are some that want it, so what I want is the option for it to be there should the need for me to get one (I doubt it) arises or should someone else want it and I don’t necessarily want them to use a coat hanger. I think the gist of my opinion of this whole abortion thing can be summed up in a line from Friends:

Cory Monteith

Checking my phone in the morning isn’t usually shocking to me. Various emails from colleges and politicians, maybe a text or two, maybe a CNN notification telling me something happened that night, but boy I was shocked to see the news of Cory Monteith’s death. I don’t watch Glee, I tried but couldn’t get into it, but wow.

As a fan of various different TV shows, I would be shocked if something happened to one of the actors, especially a main one. The recent death of Richard Griffiths (Vernon Dursley) was a little shocking, but he was kind of old and less well-known than Cory Monteith and therefore, his death was less shocking. But Monteith was 31, had a great career going for him (no matter how cheesy Glee is, Gleeks will follow it until the end), and I’ve been hearing he was about to get married to Lea Michele, who adored him and had been saying she was the luckiest girl in the world to be dating him. He was also briefly on Supernatural, one of my favorite TV shows.

It really is a tragedy, all snark about the show itself aside, and I feel awful for Lea Michele. My support goes out to the Glee fandom and the friends I have who are Gleeks, and I hope he’s in a better place now.

Bonus: Last tweet from him, supposedly made 13 minutes before he died.


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