Brittany went to college.

Published June 23, 2013 by Britt

Thursday night I spent several hours driving up to Annapolis, MD to begin the adventure that is college hunting! I know I’m a rising junior now, but college isn’t very far off. It’s looming like crazy.

Meanwhile on this adventure, we stopped at a gas station and Dad was forced to use a ladies bathroom since the guy in the men’s room took a huge poop. We checked into the hotel super late at night, and Mom stole a banana from the dining room because she was hungry.

The next morning, I went to brush my teeth only to discover I left my toothbrush. I had to go out to the vending machine and get this weird thing:


This was impossible to open, by the way, but I got there eventually.

We then did a bit of exploring of Annapolis since we left the hotel early after breakfast. ANNAPOLIS’ HISTORICAL DISTRICT IS SO ADORABLE OMG. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. The buildings were old and right on the water. Did I ever mention Maryland’s flag is awesome?

This is just kind of magnificent. But then again, Virginia’s has an exposed boob on our flag, and for some reason, no one’s seemed to care.

Back on topic, we went to Annapolis to look at St. John’s College. This college has a somewhat unorthodox curriculum, learning mainly from the original books like Euclid and Homer. You know Drake’s weird song “Started from the bottom now we here” (Yes, I know that drivel. I don’t live under a rock)? They start from the roots and original theories and work their way up. Mom had originally thought this college was like that one college from Accepted, since they call their professors “tutors” and don’t have sports teams except for croquet, crew, and fencing. It’s hardcore. But it was a gorgeous campus. I took a picture of their dining hall, because it was stunning.

photo (3)

Yes, that is a functioning dining hall.

Suffice it to say, I loved it. We left at ten to drive to Ashland, VA to go tour Randolph Macon, only to arrive two hours late because of the atrocious traffic between DC and Fredericksburg. We were bed, bath, and beyond done when got to RMC, and jumped on a random tour because the admissions lady said so. I didn’t like Randolph Macon as much, but we missed a lot of information and had a tour guide that didn’t really connect with my interests. She dwelled more on sports than I was into, which turned me off a bit. But the campus has a train. Yes, a train to go home and to go to DC. Which is cool. And a wine making class in Australia. Yes, Australia is dangerous, but I wouldn’t mind making wine. I’m a classy girl.

Several hours and more traffic later, we returned home and ate Italian delivery, and slept like rocks because the beds in the hotel the night before were awful.


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