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Reviews with a Mug Brownie: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Published June 29, 2013 by Britt

I still don’t know why I continue calling it that when I don’t even make mug brownies for it. Probably consistency because I have OCD issues.

Summary: In this stunning follow-up to the global phenomenon The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown demonstrates once again why he is the world’s most popular thriller writer. The Lost Symbol is a masterstroke of storytelling that finds famed symbologist Robert Langdon in a deadly race through a real-world labyrinth of codes, secrets, and unseen truths… all under the watchful eye of Brown’s most terrifying villain to date. Set within the hidden chambers, tunnels, and temples of Washington, D.C., The Lost Symbol is an intelligent, lightning paced story with surprises at every turn. This is Dan Brown’s most exciting novel yet.

Vague description from the back of the book. Not a plug or anything, just the back of the book.

Let me start by saying this: I really like Dan Brown and his books. Watson and I like reading them, and my parents had been cramming The Da Vinci Code down my throat for a while. So I read it and once I got into it I was all “omg this is gr9.”

So, these books are real page turners for me, and The Lost Symbol was no different. The murders at the beginning of the first two books were really graphic, so I was glad to see that there really wasn’t a murder for this one. The villain wasn’t quite as terrifying as described on the back, but he was a devious villain and he used very clever ways of killing people when he did.

Also, Masonic culture is amazing. I think I’ve told you I’m a history geek, and Freemasons make me happy. And learning their code thingy that he put in there made me happy. I wrote my name in Masonic code, and made it for a bunch of my friends as well. I was bored in class. Don’t judge me.

I was also really pleased that Langdon didn’t try to get into the pants of the lady friend in this one. He did in Angels and Demons and he did in The Da Vinci Code, but it was a nice change of pace.

The plot was great, characters were great (Dan Brown has nice continuity as far as characters go, and clever quirks), and overall very good. I want to read Inferno, but I can’t seem to get a hold of it. *still crying for that*

Four stars, mainly so I don’t seem too biased.

P.S. It would be really great if you leave some new review title suggestions in the comments. I got nothing. 😛


Brittany attempts to get a job.

Published June 28, 2013 by Britt

Today I was looking at my library account because I hadn’t heard anything about one of my holds in a while. While I was there, I put a hold on the fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones, folks), because I am impatient and can’t wait until October when they release it in paperback and in the size I like for consistency purpose. I’m incredibly OCD when it comes to my books, which makes my mom laugh because my room is a mess. This is currently my hold list:


I have to wait a while, obviously.

Then I decided I didn’t want to wait for Dan Brown’s (The DaVinci Code) new book, and so I went to go place a hold on that.


If you hear quiet sobbing while reading this post, that’s me, wishing I had money.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am 16 years old and in any form of teenager life, you are required to get a job so you may have money to buy a car, get gas, get stuff like books and DVDs (at least for me), etc.

I’ve been working on getting a job since around… January. Ish. No exact dates and stuff. I wanted to work at a  bookstore because I love books in case you couldn’t tell (Theme, GoodReads profile, reviews, profile picture in a library…) and I wanted the discount. Also, given the fact that there are many, many movies coming out this year that a steady paycheck may be helpful. Babysitting is nice, but not when you only have two customers.

So, the first actual call I got back was from a lawyer on the Navy Base. He called me when I wasn’t home, so I called him back the next day and got nothing back.

Then I went to Cracker Barrel and had an on the spot interview. Hooray, because I went to a career center and they told me to dress up. So I dressed up anyway. Not sure how that went.

But Wednesday I went to an interview at Coldstone Creamery, which certainly was an odd interview. It’s officially called an “audition” and they make you sing. It’s mainly to determine personality. I feel like I did pretty darn well, because I sang my icy heart out to an edited version of 500 Miles that was themed to ice cream. I also felt superior to the 20+ candidates at this audition, so that also made me happy, on top of winning the unofficial award for Best Dressed.

More will come on this job hunting saga. I’ve sent in well over 50 applications with no calls until now. You can see that I’m probably feeling a bit discouraged. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. I blame the economy.

Brittany went to college.

Published June 23, 2013 by Britt

Thursday night I spent several hours driving up to Annapolis, MD to begin the adventure that is college hunting! I know I’m a rising junior now, but college isn’t very far off. It’s looming like crazy.

Meanwhile on this adventure, we stopped at a gas station and Dad was forced to use a ladies bathroom since the guy in the men’s room took a huge poop. We checked into the hotel super late at night, and Mom stole a banana from the dining room because she was hungry.

The next morning, I went to brush my teeth only to discover I left my toothbrush. I had to go out to the vending machine and get this weird thing:


This was impossible to open, by the way, but I got there eventually.

We then did a bit of exploring of Annapolis since we left the hotel early after breakfast. ANNAPOLIS’ HISTORICAL DISTRICT IS SO ADORABLE OMG. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. The buildings were old and right on the water. Did I ever mention Maryland’s flag is awesome?

This is just kind of magnificent. But then again, Virginia’s has an exposed boob on our flag, and for some reason, no one’s seemed to care.

Back on topic, we went to Annapolis to look at St. John’s College. This college has a somewhat unorthodox curriculum, learning mainly from the original books like Euclid and Homer. You know Drake’s weird song “Started from the bottom now we here” (Yes, I know that drivel. I don’t live under a rock)? They start from the roots and original theories and work their way up. Mom had originally thought this college was like that one college from Accepted, since they call their professors “tutors” and don’t have sports teams except for croquet, crew, and fencing. It’s hardcore. But it was a gorgeous campus. I took a picture of their dining hall, because it was stunning.

photo (3)

Yes, that is a functioning dining hall.

Suffice it to say, I loved it. We left at ten to drive to Ashland, VA to go tour Randolph Macon, only to arrive two hours late because of the atrocious traffic between DC and Fredericksburg. We were bed, bath, and beyond done when got to RMC, and jumped on a random tour because the admissions lady said so. I didn’t like Randolph Macon as much, but we missed a lot of information and had a tour guide that didn’t really connect with my interests. She dwelled more on sports than I was into, which turned me off a bit. But the campus has a train. Yes, a train to go home and to go to DC. Which is cool. And a wine making class in Australia. Yes, Australia is dangerous, but I wouldn’t mind making wine. I’m a classy girl.

Several hours and more traffic later, we returned home and ate Italian delivery, and slept like rocks because the beds in the hotel the night before were awful.

Reviews with a Mug Brownie: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Published June 19, 2013 by Britt

Summary: One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, Will Grayson crosses paths with . . . Will Grayson. Two teens with the same name, running in two very different circles, suddenly find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, and culminating in epic turns-of-heart and the most fabulous musical ever to grace the high school stage. Told in alternating voices from two YA superstars, this collaborative novel features a double helping of the heart and humor that have won them both legions of fans.

Oh look, a review I promised months ago but never did. Okie dokie. The grammar nazi in me was screaming at half the book due to capitalization that distinguished one Will’s point of view from the other’s. That angered me. But it was necessary bad grammar, because it would be tough to distinguish which Will Grayson you were speaking of.

Normally I like John Green’s characters. But these characters I didn’t like as much. Sure, I like the concept of the plot, I mean who wouldn’t want to meet someone with their name? But I didn’t like either Will Grayson, because they weren’t that great to Tiny. Tiny wasn’t that great either, mind you. They were well written, I just didn’t like them as characters.

And the ending upset me. Tiny should have ended up with Will. But it was an interesting ending, with extra creativity.

As creative as everything was, I’m not as impressed as I have been before with John Green’s books. And no, David Levithan, I don’t blame you.

Three stars.

Hello friends I am here

Published June 17, 2013 by Britt


Hello lovelies. I know you all missed me and my blog so much. I meant to post, but school happened and projects. I had about six of them due all at once among four different classes. Not pleasant. But now it is summer, and you all have my undivided attention. Get ready for many different things this summer, because it’s going to be awesome!

  • Job Hunting: One of many things I’ve been doing these past few months. The struggle has been real, and thus I can vent about my adventures.
  • Reviews, reviews, aaaaand more reviews: Books! I have so many books I need to read, so I can review them all for you.
  • DnD Adventures?: Hopefully I’m going to start a Dungeons and Dragons group this summer with some friends of mine. It’s a matter of stumbling around and getting the stuff together. At least I have the group and dice.
  • Writing!: I’ve been trying to do this every summer since the seventh grade: write a book. But after about three chapters in I get preoccupied and drop the project. But this idea has been in my head all year, so I’m getting it done. Maybe I’ll post chapters once it’s done.
  • Q&A Sessions!: I set up an email address specifically for this because I’m not giving you my normal one: Send in your questions (I’ll keep them anonymous) and I’ll answer them!
  • Guest bloggers?: Maybe I’ll ask a friend or two to post a thing. Whatever thing they want. Not sure yet.

Anyhoo, hope to see more from you guys! It’s going to be great!

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