The Manhunt

Published April 19, 2013 by Britt

So, ever since this morning I’ve been watching the news and following the manhunt for Dzokhar Tsarnaev in Boston, and I’ve been commenting on Twitter (See them in the sidebar at the bottom if you’re curious). It’s gotten me thinking about many things, and what on earth is going on, because face it, this is insane.

But before I really begin, I know I didn’t post anything along the lines of “RIP Victims” or anything like that. Primarily because I get really uncomfortable with that kind of thing. I don’t know these people, and I do feel bad, but still. It’s not like they’re going to hunt you down and say “TWEET REST IN PEACE NOW!” So yes, I do feel bad. But I’m more analyzing the present and the events that go on now, because maybe then the cops will bring them justice.

First and foremost, when I heard the news of the original bombing, and they proclaimed it a terror attack, I was pretty sure it was a domestic rather than foreign terrorist attack. I thought that it was too sloppy and not extravagant enough. After 9/11, we’ve all been desensitized to smaller attacks, and we all think “Oh, only three people? That’s not as bad.” A foreigner, or at least if it was Al-Qaeda, there would be more explosions and more dead people.

I was a combination of right and wrong. Hadn’t anticipated the Russian part.

Now, I’m livestreaming CNN right now, and they just showed a YouTube video of the dead suspect, and he’s just fooling around with a pen knife in the car. They said they thought he was the ringleader in this attack, which is making perfect sense in the scenario I’ve been creating in my head. The scenario, at least for this kid, is that the brother was abusive and was overall not a good guy towards him. And he got this idea and needed help. Who better to help you than your kid brother? So originally Dzokhar said no, then Tamarlan threatened him and the kid got scared and agreed. The rest is history, and now Dzokhar is hiding in a dark corner of a house and crying, scared out of his mind. The only reason I’m thinking this is because the kid is 19, and all the descriptions are saying he was a very good kid who volunteered, was a wrestler, etc. He wasn’t a loner like some of the evil people like James Holmes (Aurora) and the guy from Sandy Hook.

Now I’m not condoning what he did and saying “Oh, he’s just misunderstood!” This is all strictly hypothetical, and I’m not pitying him at all. I think that there’s a missing piece that we need him to fill in, and he’s not much use if he’s dead. The fact he could be dead makes things a lot harder, just like the guy from Sandy Hook and how we can’t put all the pieces together like a motive or something. And as a teenager myself, I think I would hide too. There are people saying he did something awful, and he’s afraid of people hurting him and afraid to go to jail.

I have family four blocks away from the scene in Watertown, and more in Northbridge. I have friends in Boston locked down. My mom has many friends up in Boston locked down as well. I hope the kid comes out of this alive, mainly because I want to see motives and an explosive trial. But I feel like he’s going to be dead when they find him. Because that’s what these people do.

Also, why do people watch reality TV when you can watch this? It’s pretty intense.


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