Social Networks

Published April 11, 2013 by Britt

Social networks have become a huge part of our lives now. Anything from a stupid rumor to a social revolution gets started there. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, they all have millions upon millions of users who happily post whatever they think they like and whatever crosses the teeny tiny brain of theirs.

And all I want to do is

Because SERIOUSLY. The things these people post are just getting on my nerves! I can’t take it anymore!

Well, Tumblr’s kind of the exception because I hang out in the cool part of Tumblr. Facebook I use to stay in any form of loop, and Twitter I use to follow people and get strange. If you’ve paid attention to the sidebar, my tweets get strange. When I’m famous one day, I know it’ll come in handy.

I use YouTube too, but YouTube is just for following, I rarely ever comment.

But sometimes I want to just hit people for being stupid, and all of those like pictures they post on Facebook are just so STUPID!!! The latest trend on Facebook, “X likes and I can Y” is just really dumb because you don’t know these people, and it’s just like those posts where they promise to donate a penny per like. You know it won’t happen.

And in response, I found one on Tumblr:

It made my former history teacher laugh, which is always good. (:

Instagram I have flat out banned from my networks because it is Twitter for people who can’t read. I feel so bad for the inventors though, because it’s used by people who think they’re being cute or funny and really it’s just stupid.

Twitter in the meantime… I’m not popular there, but I kind of think it’s fun. Mainly because I get very weird with Mother Russia and Mayari. You have no idea. I have 36 or so followers, but I use it mainly for following celebrities. No, not Lindsey Lohan. John Green, Misha Collins, those people. They’re entertaining.

Anyway, back to Facebook, and I may crossover into Instagram as well. Let’s start by saying most cyberbullying nowadays is done over Facebook. I wouldn’t call myself a victim or a cyberbully, but occasionally I see something so troll worthy I just can’t resist. I have most of the stupid people blocked anyway. I remember once that a guy in 8th grade made a like page called “VB Pooping” like it was some form of team. Guess what they did? That’s right! Post pictures of their poop! Poop! It’s disgusting, but some people you just have to let them make a fool of themselves.

Now I’m not saying Tumblr is perfect. It’s not. It’s like 4chan’s sister. All the fandom stuff is posted there, and I have more followers there than I do on Twitter and here combined (333 last I checked). Sometimes fandom wars start, sometimes the hipsters get scared (They post pictures of kissing, food, and hair. It’s like Instagram on that section) (For a good example of hipsters getting scared, please see the Mishapocalypse), and sometimes Anons get mean. It’s not perfect, but it’s got better people than Facebook.

Youtube… Let’s just not. We’ll call it all of them combined. Sometimes you’ll just know you wandered into the weird part of Youtube when you start seeing the Japanese music videos. We’ll call Youtube like Boxxy (Thanks, Youtubers React.).

Other than that, I crawl around on forums, roleplaying. I really don’t go very far. 4chan I avoid, and other than that I just sit in that corner.

The internet is strange guys. And some places just suck.


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