Published February 11, 2013 by Britt

Dang my hair looks hot.

So, if any of you at all have been paying attention to the sidebar widget, you all would have seen that hey, I had a birthday on the 12th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE TO ME!!!

And now I must discuss all of the cool and fun things I did last Saturday that may be considered THE BEST PARTY I HAD IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. That at least was general consensus.

I have two sets of friends that hadn’t really met each other before, plus a couple of stragglers who hadn’t really met anyone. So, with this fantabulous party of the century, I finally had an opportunity to introduce them. I knew they would love each other, and I was so super excited to see that.

I was correct in my assumptions. We talked, played cards, did a theater game similar to Whose Line is it Anyway, and played a bunch of games in the dark while my parents were locked up in their bedroom watching the Big Bang Theory. I threw the Gremlin out of the house and she chilled with some family friends.

I made off well as far as presents go. Handheld dry erase board, Adventure Time poster, BOOKS!, a Barbie Doll in reference to my The Most Popular Girls in School jokes (Think Mean Girls meets Robot Chicken. And Barbies), a sonic screwdriver, dry erase crayons, new phone case, jar of glitter earrings, a hug, a unicorn necklace, gift cards, and a song written by my friend because they are cool.

The board may be my new BFF because I am using it for books and blog post ideas. It’s also easily erasable, which is good. I decorated the back with stickers some college in Baltimore sent me. They say “Go Dawgs!” so I can sound like Randy Jackson. Also, DRY ERASE CRAYONS.

So yeah. Tomorrow is my real birthday. When I’m done partying with the family I’m going to put up a blog post that’s been sitting in my drafts about social networks and how much they suck. I’m having fun with life. Woohoo.


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