Ahhh, school counseling.

Published January 22, 2013 by Britt

Today in English class, we were asked to do this interest assessment to help us pick classes next week.

Basically all it is is a survey where you scroll through and look at the options and check “Yes” “No” or “Unsure.” And they ended up saying that I’m Artistic and Investigative even though I only said yes to about six things and Unsure to about four.

Some of my favorites of the options:

  • Guard Money in an Armored Car
  • Operate a Dairy Farm
  • Give CPR to a person who has stopped breathing
  • Use a computer program to generate customer bills
  • Sell merchandise over the telephone
  • Drive a taxi cab
  • Raise fish in a fish hatchery
  • Spray trees to prevent the spread of harmful insects
  • Operate a calculator
  • Run a toy store
  • Drive a truck to deliver packages to offices and homes
  • Study the personalities of world leaders

It’s living the thug life right there. Driving a taxi cab. Raising fish.

Then they pop up with a list of suggested careers.

One of mine was a psychiatrist and an architect (I seriously cannot draw), and also a teacher. They gave my shy little pacifist Watson a probation officer. I wouldn’t trust that Wizard thingy with my career because I would make a bad psychiatrist. But Dinosaur says I would make a great English teacher. I’d be the one that actually teaches stuff and I’d be crazy and actually was great. He described me as the Mr. P**** (name censored for privacy) of English. This Mr. P. was my World History teacher last year and he was pretty great.

I’ll probably end up as President of the United States after working my way up through the State Department (That’s what I am in the AP Government Cabinet!) or Congress or a teacher. I don’t know. Either way, it’s going to be fun.


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