Allow me to share how socially awkward I am.

Published January 20, 2013 by Britt

As you may know by now, I spend a lot of time of my life fangirling over books and TV shows and other things like that. While I’m doing this, I spend a lot of time under a social rock. I’m pretty aware of current events in the world, but as far as the rumor mill and social happenings, I know nothing.

This was demonstrated the other day when in my chemistry class the word “ratchet” came up in some context I can’t remember. My chemistry teacher laughs and thinks that she should start using that more.

Me, being a complete moron in this subject because again, I live under a social rock, said that I have no idea what ratchet means. The teacher thought I of all people should know what that means. I still didn’t by the end of the class, even though my friend showed me this video. I still have no idea what I watched when seeing this video.

Most of the terms people use in society nowadays I don’t understand. It’s like they’re speaking Japanese or something. And there are no subtitles in real life, so some girl may spout off  “That ratchet hoe is triflin!!!”

In my head, that means “That tool farm tool is pie!!!”

I know that doesn’t mean that, so I smile and nod and quickly run to UrbanDictionary later to figure out that “That diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy is shady!” and then that still doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t understand why they say the n-word as a term of endearment (I’ve mentioned this before, and when I hear it I want to throw a history book at people) and I don’t understand why people sag their pants and wear hardly any clothes. I want to throw a dictionary at people CONSTANTLY.

I don’t fit in with society at all. I’m just going to go back to my books now. I’m reading Neil Gaiman and he’s great. 😀


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