Music to my ears.

Published January 15, 2013 by Britt

So, let’s start off by saying that my taste in music is WEIRD. I like some songs, I hate others, I’m meh on a lot.

First let’s get all of the hate out of the way.

Music, Billboard Top 20 or whatever it is, most of it is a pretty bad influence, and it sucks because NO ONE SEEMS TO REALIZE THIS. No sensible adult is realizing that their children have been listening to music that talks about drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, just because they say it’s “catchy.”

Nicki Minaj for example. “You a stupid hoe.”

Who wants to be called an unintelligent farm tool in their music? I don’t!

After Googling some of her song titles, I found one called “I Endorse These Strippers”, and some I’m not allowed to post because I feel like being a PG blog. Repeated use of the N-word (which is one of the two cuss words I blatantly refuse to say, and I don’t understand why anyone thinks that is a term of endearment. I think they need to pick up a history textbook. Or click here. Ugh. I feel dirty just for putting that.), all of these sex terms, this is going into the minds of your children.

YOLO started through Drake. Justin Bieber talks about all of the swag he has (swag counts for nothing in my book), dubstep… I don’t even know, and the outfits in these music videos hardly cover anything. Everyone’s mind is being filled with the thinking that THIS IS OKAY. It really isn’t!!!

Basically, in the popular music industry:

Women sing about…

  • Drugs
  • Sex
  • Partying
  • Flirting with men
  • How much they hate their exes
  • How much they hate other girls

And men….

  • Drugs
  • Sex
  • Partying
  • Flirting with women
  • Missing their exes

And then there are a few good songs on the radio (EX. Little Talks by Monsters and Men), but they get so overplayed that you just want it to kind of go away. Don’t even get me started on how far the Gangnam Style thing has gone, though I do own a t-shirt as sort of a joke. I actually used to like it, but now… ugh.

Now, on to the good stuff!!!

I really like fun. The band, I mean, but I like the other kind too. And I also love Mumford and Sons, King Charles, The Hush Sound, Sondre Lerche, and Florence and the Machine. My Pandora Radio has way more, but I’m too lazy to go looking for all of those songs on YouTube.

If you were actually interested and clicked the songs, you’d see that they actually are pretty poetic. They don’t insult anyone, Mumford and Sons may curse, but it’s about himself. And honestly, I really like the beat to them. I like bouncy and dramatic songs. If that makes any form of sense. And Ivory Road is just really freaking great.

Anyway, I have a strange taste in music, and my views on society are similar to a grandmother’s. You rotten kids.


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