I may as well have just heard gullible was written on the ceiling.

Published January 8, 2013 by Britt

I feel incredibly dumb at the moment.

As a law student, I am required to take Introduction to Criminal Justice. My teacher is a really nice guy, really young. Young enough to be mistaken for a student by my mother in a photo taken on Election Night during a party I went to. I came to believe that this guy had a girlfriend because for some reason, my class likes to ask him questions about that kind of thing.

So on the day before break they were asking if he was going to propose to his girlfriend while not in school. For some reason, he decided to say yes. I guess he thought they would forget.

They didn’t.

So he elected to inform them that he was rejected and threw the ring out. I slow clapped for him. He said his dad reacted the same way. Some time between that class and the next one, there was a Mock Trial meeting he went to and those people talked about it and came up with a plan. He came back and said that she rejected him on Christmas Eve, he didn’t even get down on one knee, and he spent the remainder of his winter break blaring Taylor Swift and crying. Even had two plane tickets to go to a wedding in Seattle and they were nonrefundable. It was very elaborate.

So naturally, I go and giggle with my friends on my bus. One of them was at that Mock Trial meeting. And started laughing at my stupidity. Now this friend thought that Alabama was a city in Georgia and that a gentlemen’s club was where Boy Scouts go to become gentlemen. I feel like I reached new heights as far as stupidity goes, and normally I’m a smart child. I just lack social skills. Welcome to my world.

He didn’t propose to anyone. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend.


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