To Pluto? To Pluto.

Published January 7, 2013 by Britt

I know I’ve already posted today, but I couldn’t resist this juicy morsel I’ve been seeing on Twitter and Facebook.


I wish to start off by saying I did look these up and they are, in fact, real. This is real. This is what my generation is doing and I am ashamed.

I am a fangirl. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Homestuck, I could go on. If Matt Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch got caught smoking weed like Justin Bieber had earlier (which I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t), I would be disappointed, for sure, but I wouldn’t go to this extent.

Now, I’ve seen articles like this one that say it’s 4chan’s doing (No shock if it was, really), but the fact people were gullible enough to actually LISTEN is ridiculous.

Beliebers and Directioners are what scare me the most. I’ve never liked Bieber’s music, and as I post around on Tumblr I see comparisons to Billie Joe Armstrong and having Bieber say “Rape happens for a reason.” and crap like that, and what little respect I had went away very quickly. And Directioners have produced many a horror story of fans-gone-wild. including one when one of the band members tweeted that he didn’t remember what time he was born, one fan tweeted back and he was appalled that the fan knew it.

That shows that the fans of these guys have been crossing lines. There are boundaries, and just because these people are famous does not mean they aren’t people too. I’m not Googling what time Misha Collins was born. I may Google eye color for graphic design purposes, or height when I see an interesting video of them at a convention and wanted to see comparisons, but I forget what it was exactly. I don’t stalk my favorite actors. I laugh at their jokes, but I don’t cross lines. Wear the t-shirts. Get a poster and hang it up on your door because tape chips the paint on the walls (or so my mom says). Blare the CDs in your room. But don’t cram it down other people’s throat. Don’t attack innocent people. Don’t stalk them. Don’t hurt yourself over them. They don’t even know you. They’re not worth it.

Also, I firmly believe that these boys should be held partially responsible for not telling them to calm their tits or attempting to control their fans. I’m not saying be rude, that’s almost the opposite of what I’m saying here,  but the boys do need to draw a line.

One more thing. I’m not saying all fans are like this. A good example is the My Little Pony fandom, who normally advocate peace and friendship, rather than cram the show down others’ throats. I’m friends with a brony, I follow a Direction fan on Tumblr because she’s really nice, but I still dislike strongly that percentage, however big it may be, and think that lines need to be drawn.

Be a fan, not a fanatic.


P.S. Pluto is still a planet.


13 comments on “To Pluto? To Pluto.

  • i seriously see this all the time on tumblr too. it’s so frustrating because i will tell someone that i’m a fan of something and they automatically think i’m this type of fan. i’m not a fanatic! just someone who enjoys things…


    • That’s what several people think. I encourage people to watch Doctor Who and Sherlock and Supernatural, and I’ll squeal about it in front of them, but I will not hit them or scratch or bite or cut myself over them. I’m not saying all fans are like that, and that’s especially evident in the My Little Pony fandom, but still. It’s out of hand.


  • Brittany Scrapman is actually one of the many trolls out there. There is no true evidence of which pictures are fake and which or authentic, but this is complete bullcrap. These pictures are haunting, fake or not, to anyone who use to do anything of that sort. These trolls are some of the sickest I have seen, to actually want to cause harm to another person due to their opinion. It’s sad, really. Not that I’m saying the people following this trend are not to blame in anyway. When I was growing up, kids were taught about self-respect. Is that not happening anymore?


  • I think that this is nothing new. While grotesque and terrible, fans have been going crazy of their idols for centuries. Elvis couldn’t go out during the day, if that’s saying anything. It may be sad, but it’s nothing new to life nor should any attention be paid to it. People have the right to do this to themselves, no matter how stupid. Because you can’t fix stupid. Leave the stupid be and they’ll eventually die out, leaving the more sensible people in peace. Simple solution.


  • I totally agree with the point made here. I agree that it’s okay to like something to a healthy extent, but these people are taking farther than anyone really should. If this is a joke done by trolls on 4chan it’s a very inappropriate one. I wouldn’t be surprised if 4chan was behind this though. (Refer back to #Baldforbeiber) I think it’s awful that someone would do this to young impressionable girls simply for liking a particular artist.


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