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More fun with education: Classes

Published January 31, 2013 by Britt

Apologies for the lack of posting the past few days. I’ve lacked the motivation/time/inspiration/Wi-Fi to do, well, anything on my blog the past week or so. I’m actually typing on my phone now, and tried screwing around with the Widgets, and good GOD that is a pain. I couldn’t sleep last night because I had way too many topic ideas, so I ended up creating a storyboard type thing where I queued up a bunch of stuff to last me until Thursday or Friday of next week. Woo!!!

Anyway, before I begin, let me explain my education the past 10 years or so. First grade I was enrolled in a program where I learned Math and Science in Spanish. I kept learning Spanish through middle school, where they switched Math and Science to History, and Spanish I, II, and III. Sadly, that runs out in high school, and so I left everyone and went to a law academy where I continue to learn Spanish IV and AP Spanish, which is highly uncommon for sophomores. AP Spanish is the last course in Spanish that exists, and that means I’ve exhausted all of my Spanish and it’s kind of sad.

Then there’s the fact we’re rearranging the schedule in my city and this opens up a new block I never had.

And also, I don’t have to take PE anymore. I’m very excited and glad. You have no idea.

So there’s three empty blocks in my schedule. I had no idea what to fill them with and had a midlife crisis pondering over what I was going to take the next two years. There were so many options and I liked so many of them.

And finally, I went to my guidance counselor a couple weeks before we picked classes. It was nice because it was super quick and easy, she pulled up my schedule and grades and went over everything, and I ended up with four AP classes, the requires law class, and Economics/Finance (It’s required), Journalism, and Theater. I went wild with my schedule this year, didn’t I?

For the Advanced Diploma I’m being forced to have, I had to have Economics and a Fine Art, and then everything else is covered Senior Year with two excused blocks so hopefully I can leave early. I cannot wait until then because that’s going to be the fun year.

God, high school has gone by so fast.


Brittany talks about food.

Published January 26, 2013 by Britt

Today we’re going to talk about some of my favorite things: Food!!!

To start off, let’s look at the food item mentioned the most around here: The Mug Brownie.

Look at this ooey gooey deliciousness.

This stuff is GOOD. I had to tweak the recipe and added a bit more sugar to it, but wow. I love chocolate, I love brownies, give me more. And if you want to make your own, here is the recipe I use. Good stuff right here. It’s quick, it’s easy, and the stuff most likely is in your house this very second. If not, you don’t have the basic recipe items and you should get them now.

And next, MEAT!!! I really love meat. Good stuff.

Despite its anachronisms, I love this movie.

I like to think of Chien Po from Mulan as my meat spirit animal. Beef, pork, chicken, mmmm. *Chinese whistling* I was on my forums this afternoon and someone posted that they would give their girlfriend heart shaped steaks for dinner on Valentine’s Day. You better give me heart shaped steaks. Well seasoned (I hate marinade because the flavor never stays). Wrapped in bacon. And chocolate to go with it. I’m really not that hard to romance, just be chivalrous and give me food and I’m yours.

Today I tried making this magical thing I found on Tumblr today called fairy bread. It’s Australian, and actually not scary and very easy to make.

It’s fabulous bread.

Guys, that is bread, butter, and sprinkles. SPRINKLES. That was a good snack today. A very good snack in my pajamas which by the way, I stayed in all day and my dad never stopped me. He won yesterday by sending me out to lunch with my grandmother. BUT NOT TODAY BECAUSE IT SNOWED AND WE DID NOTHING. HAHAHAHAHAHA. EAT THE FAIRY BREAD, FATHER.

Anyway, all digressions aside, back to food. One thing that I’m incredibly picky about is…

Mmmm salad.

Oh yes. Bacon. I like my bacon crispy, but not too crispy. And I dislike turkey bacon, it’s wannabe bacon. And don’t get me started on Canadian bacon, that stuff is ham. Don’t tell me that’s bacon. And the amazing thing is, bacon can go with just about anything. It’s fabulous. You can’t go wrong with it. It is BACON.

It’s so treasured, it’rs wrapped in gold.

CHOCOLATE. Nothing else to say. Just CHOCOLATE.

What food to I really hate though? Fruit. I don’t like the texture, I don’t like the taste, it’s just… ugh. I’ll drink orange juice and lemonade. I’ll eat the yellow Skittles. I’ll eat a cherry or even strawberry lollipop. But don’t make me eat the real stuff. I want to vomit. It’s nasty. Get out.

Anyway, what are your favorite foods? What foods do you hate? Are you willing to try this stuff now? Leave your answers in the comments, and I’d like to start hearing questions about me from you guys as well. I’ll answer my favorites in one giant post at some point.

Brittany decides to contemplate the universe.

Published January 25, 2013 by Britt

Before I start rambling, this is going to get weird and may go in strange places. I’m going to try and answer the ultimate question:

Why are we here?

So you should probably start off with “How did we get here?”

This is not from a religious standpoint. I’m not religious at all. I believe that we may have reincarnated multiple times over and our forms eventually evolved into us. Yes, I believe in reincarnation and evolution. Don’t hate me.

Is there a divine being though? I don’t think so. Mainly because if the divine being existed, there shouldn’t be any evil in the world. He should have protected us from the evil that is us.

But then again, what if we are the evil thing that the divine being didn’t care about? What if Earth is Hell, and our punishments are to go through body after body after body and experience terrible thing after terrible thing for eternity? But then what did we do that was so evil that we got sent to Earth?

Well we don’t know anymore.

We’ve been tortured so much that we’ve forgotten all that we did. So many bodies, so many memories, so many things, we’ve just forgotten the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Then where did we come from?

No, seriously. That’s why all of our thoughts of things that are alien look humanoid. The Grey Things, The Doctor, the LGMs from Toy Story, they all faintly resemble humans, don’t they? And therefore we are aliens. And that comet that allegedly killed the dinosaurs? It was the original us. All of the hooligans from wherever we came from, grumbling about our crappy punishment.

And we’re still suffering, and we’ll keep suffering until they decide to bring us all home.

As for the technological advancements and the animals and the formation of religion:

The formation of religion I believe was a combination of hope and a desire for a scapegoat for our suffering once we finally forgot it was all our fault, or we couldn’t face the fact it was our fault, or we were too proud to admit it was our fault. And then in this crappy world of suffering, we created our scapegoat and prayed it would clean up its messes.

The technology is from the fact that there are people trying to lessen or worsen our suffering, or are looking for an escape route. I can’t say I blame them, because they make our world look miraculous and cool.

The animals however, were always around Earth to begin with, and the originals just didn’t care that they were around and figured they’d kill us all somehow.

And those “good people”? They’re just trying to prove they’ve learned their lesson so that they can stop the suffering. Good on them.

Note: Most of all this I just now thought up. That’s what happens on a snow day. You can call BS all you want, you can be all “Seriously?” all you want, this is mainly weird thoughts. Thanks to my friend Christie for the ideas.

General happenings.

Published January 24, 2013 by Britt

So, this week has been short.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day + End of Semester/Quarter means three day week. Yesterday was my last B-day (not birthday… they actually call it B-Day) of the first semester which means I’m leaving my beloved Statistics class…. It’s the only math I’ve truly understood for the past three years or so. I’m scared of Trig. No thanks.

Yesterday I also had a fiesta in my AP Spanish class. I’m very good at Spanish, since I’ve been taking it for ten years, and I really love this class. The teacher is great, the classmates are entertaining and nice, and I just really enjoy the class. I learned how to salsa during said fiesta, tried lumpia for the first time (Oh my god that stuff is good. I had three I think.) and I did a conga line down the halls outside of the classroom. It made my day.

And now today…


It snowed! I took a random selfie while walking to AP Government, which involved going outside from the gym, and GOD I LOVE SNOW. We rarely get a lot around here, and rarely does the snow actually stick, but a little did today. Last time it snowed a lot was probably around 2011, and it snowed about two feet. It hasn’t snowed that much since the 80s. But anyway, one thing I remember quite vividly was that it snowed that much the day after Christmas, and I was inside playing a game with my family in the kitchen. We look out on the back deck to see that a cardinal, its red feathers a stark contrast to the white of the snow, had landed on it. It was so pretty, and to this day they still rave about it.

It was nice to see some snow though, despite the fact I loathe cold with a passion. I think my issue is that I hate plain cold. Just freezing your butt off and no snow and it’s just overall unpleasant. Especially at 5:45am when walking to the bus. Throw some rain in there, or just make it overcast, and then make it on a B-day where I have to go out to the trailers for Criminal Justice, and I overall just want to shove whoever bugs me off the roof. Oftentimes I’ll procrastinate it and go sit on the heater outside Mr. P.’s class. I know that one day my butt’s going to catch on fire or something, but it feels so good I just can’t resist. A-days aren’t so bad, because I don’t go outside until around 9am or 10:30-ish, and it has at least warmed up a little. And I’m not out there as long.

I also made Watson think she was going insane today. I was in Chemistry class, working on something, and sometimes I’d just look up and poke her in the back with my pencil before going back to writing. She’d get confused, look behind her, and see no one there. I did this several times, and she complained to me about it because she was getting freaked out, and at the end of class I confessed and she was not happy. I’m going to get some weird attempt at a prank back, I know it. And it’s going to fail and I am going to laugh.

I also find myself addicted to a stop motion Barbie Youtube series after it blew up my Dashboard on Tumblr. That show is funny. Dinosaur and Grapefruit (this guy I’m friends with from debate) find themselves addicted as well. Watson just finds it strange. She doesn’t have much of a sense of humor for stuff like this, and it disappoints me that she does, so I’ve just been forcing her to watch it because of reasons.

Tomorrow I have full intention of laying in my pajamas all day. I love my pajamas. I don’t care what Dad says. I WILL WIN THIS. I WILL STAY IN MY PAJAMAS BECAUSE THAT IS THE GOOD LIFE.

Also, I’m running out of ideas to blog about. Leave suggestions in the comments, and if I like it and use it, I’ll credit you!!!

Colleges are filling my inbox.

Published January 23, 2013 by Britt


I think I’m going to start adding pictures at the top. Pictures are cool.

College. Most every person in high school wants to go there, or at least the people I know. Then again, these people are learning LAW for crying out loud, so we aren’t really the high school dropout type anyway.

In October I took the PSAT and I made the mistake (I think) of writing my email down in the box. And the colleges won’t shut up. I’ve deleted most of them, but recently I gave up and just glance at who and where it is.

But before I go into what I rule out and what are actually possibilities, let’s look at what I want in a college:

  • Driving distance from home. I don’t want to commute, but I want to be able to go home for the weekend if I want. And I don’t want my parents visiting me all the time.
  • Not huge, but not tiny either. If it has a famous football team, I don’t want it. But I don’t want to go to the tiny college my parents went to. Not that I’m going anyway, since it’s across the city
  • And this one is weird, but I want it to be historical. I’m a huge history nut, and I want it to be well maintained, but with historical value in it.

So basically, as I get these emails, I glance at them and check to see where they are because frequently they leave a nice return address. Some are more vague than others, such as Elon University in North Carolina (I don’t know where Elon is), but most are pretty clear. University of Denver has been bugging me, but Colorado scares me, and Florida as well. There’s something in the water there, I swear. I’ve also ruled out the Virginia Military Institute, mainly because I do NOT want to join the military. I would die. Drexel has bugged me a lot as well, but they just seem mediocre.

All girls schools have been immediately ruled out. Mainly because I fear I’ll be driven nuts by all of the drama. Don’t go saying that’s a stereotype, because ALL girls have drama. ALL OF THEM.

University of Georgia has been recently coming after me, but honestly it’s too big. And as I typed this, University of Delaware came in my email as well. Also too big.

Major contenders have been Gettysburg College, William and Mary, and Washington and Lee. Tulane is a huge maybe, mainly due to distance. William and Mary I’ve seen before, and it is GORGEOUS. And I only found out about Gettysburg last night and I was drooling a little. I’m terrible.

Anyway, readers, you all are quiet. I want to hear comments. What did/do you all look for in a college? What college did you end up picking? What’s your dream school? Leave it in the comments, I’m genuinely curious to know. I’m probably going to do this more often too. Make stuff interesting.

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